19 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday: Louis XIV

  1. I’ve been trying to find Le Roi Danse since you reviewed it, but no such luck. While there are portions on YouTube including a making of feature on the dancing and maybe a Spanish subtitles (Spanish isn’t a language I speak besides hello, where’s the Loo? etc.) I want either a region 1 DVD or a version combining spoken French with English subtitles. Or Netflix, Hulu or Starz to have the title.

      1. I asked a year ago, but there wasn’t a Region 1 that they could get, but will try again. Thanks.

        1. I haven’t been able to find a Region 1 DVD of “Le Roi Danse”. I ordered a Region 2 and watched it on my Mac, which can switch between regions. Also, screen shots. ;)

          But you can also find Region-free DVD players on amazon for pretty cheap these days. I had one for years, prior to FF being a thing.

  2. Oh, there are a LOT more out there… Including a slew of cute kids Louis in “mousquetaires” or associated period films.
    But by age, for me, the best are:
    “Le roi danse”: Not a Magimel fan per se, but the movie really showcase what a consummate showman Louis was. That man organized his life as a PERMANENT show!
    Sandre was good, too, but, well, Alan Rickman… nuff said!
    And the last one looks fascinating (and Leaud is a great actor!)

    But one that didn’t make it on there is “la prise de pouvoir par Louis XIV” Roberto Rosselini… It’s a French TV film from 1966, so may not be easy to find.
    There are bits on YouTube, though.

    PS: Versailles series? Philippe for the win!

    1. “Taking of power” should be easily available from local libraries since it’s part of the Criterion Collection.

    2. Leaud is very fine, but I can’t bear the idea of seeing him as a dying old man, Sun King or not.

  3. Chamberlain was great in the 1977 Man in the Iron Mask adaptation (and Leonardo DiCaprio completely massacred the character in the 1998 adaptation). By far though, my favourite Man in the Iron Mask Louis XIV has got to be Louis Hayward from the 1939 version. He plays the dual-role so well in the film (as the King he is so evil, but in a way which is incredibly fun to watch!) and I think in general it is an adaptation well worth seeing!

  4. I would prefer Stéphane Legros in “La fille de D’Artagnan” as the young king (he is 13 or 14 in the film) and Didier Sandre as the old one.

    But there is a film “Louis, enfant roi” which is looking very interesting too (French from 1993).

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