5 thoughts on “The Death of Louis XIV: Death by Boredom

  1. Ha! yes, I did watch the whole thing, though probably not in one sitting, because of 1) your MCM post of December ’17, 2) Jean-Pierre Léaud, 3) francophile obligation. Unfortunately I forget things I’ve watched so quickly, I really don’t think I got any more out of it than you did in thirty minutes. (To be able to watch movies like this, it really helps to have trained on things like Visconti’s Ludwig (1973) and Last Year at Marienbad.)

  2. I was likewise disappointed by this film. I thought it was well shot and believably acted but an absolute chore to sit through. I find the high praise for it all a bit baffling.

  3. Weeeell… On the one hand, I’m not sure what you were expecting. After all, the death of one old man (albeit the king of France) was pretty much what was marked on the tin. On the other hand, we frenchies sometimes like to bore ourselves to stupor in theaters… must be an antidote to all that coffee we drink, I’m sure.

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