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  1. Not much notice is taken of Linus in the UK where he’s known as ‘son of Bill Roache’. Roache Snr has played Ken Barlow on TV soap Corrie for over sixty years He is the only cast member to have remained on the show since its beginning and holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest-serving soap opera actor. Linus looks exactly like his father at the same age.

    1. Or, even more dismissively, “son of Ken Barlow”. I think that may have been all I knew about him.

  2. Aaron was Moses’ brother. I adore Linus Roache since Wings of the Dove. He was one of the reasons that I watched Law & Order during his years on the show.

    1. Just what I was going to say, Aaron was not only Moses’s brother but his translator as Moses didn’t know Hebrew, presumably he eventually learned, and Aaron was the founder of the Priestly caste which took care of the Ark as it requires cautious handling by experts.

  3. I only knew of Linus in The Wings of The Dove (sigh) and the non FF Law and Order. Now thanks to you Kendra, I have much more to see! And by the way, aren’t his brown eyes incredibly deep?

  4. Oh, wow, I saw “Pandaemonium” on TV once, and it’s all coming back to me. John Hannah plays William Wordsworth, who actually has to put thought into how to write a poem sometimes. He resents Coleridge, because Coleridge’s poetic philosophy is just do drugs and a poem will come out. Wordsworth somehow knows that Coleridge is drug-vinely inspired to write “Kubla Khan” one night, so he intentionally interrupts him to ruin his masterpiece. Then, years later Wordsworth’s sister, who had lovedColeridge but had an accident or illness that left her mute (I think, and maybe also in a wheelchair) is cured by reciting “Kubla Khan” much to her brother’s chagrin.
    John Hannah could be a good MCM candidate.

    1. Coco, I LOVE “…because Coleridge’s poetic philosophy is just do drugs and a poem will come out.”

  5. I haven’t seen too many of his films, outside of ‘A Call to Spy’ which I found lackluster when you read the true stories of the women – in particular Noor Inayat Khan and Virginia Hall – featured in it; both of them had such fascinating lives and careers that they almost demand individual miniseries to cover them, instead of compressing them down (and fictionalizing a lot of details) into a single film.

  6. I first became aware of him in 1994’s Priest, and then starting searching for him in other films. Scribbling4bread’s comment is very interesting. It does seem like he is more appreciated in the US, rather than the UK.

  7. Ecbert was quite an important Saxon king, the grandfather of Alfred, but what he’s doing in Vikings I don’t know as historically his wars were with Mercia. And yes, it is an awful name.

    1. The Titanic miniseries was just weird and kind of inaccurate! But I want everything Lady Manton wears! I’m torn!

  8. Ah, The Wings of the Dove. Thought it was an absolutely charming movie. Glad to see it has FF’s stamp of approval as well.

    As for Vikings… am I looking at a decorated… cuirasse? In the early 9th century? What in the fresh hell?

  9. The Wings of the Dove is my favourite of his films. But I do want to see the others. And they should have included Nancy Wake in the spies series as well as made it longer.

  10. The Making of a Lady is a decent enough flick, though he’s sadly in it far too little. He’s very swoon-worthy in it. But LOVE Wings of the Dove.

  11. I love him in everything and I have watched The Policeman. His role is pretty small with only his last scene challenging, but my favorite is the tv series Law and Order. We get to see him every week for a couple seasons in a leading role and he is wonderful! He’s the lead DIstrict Attorney and is on screen a good portion of each episode with a great ability to show his talents.

  12. I think that polka dot Making of a Lady dress may have also been in the Granada Sherlock Holmes episode The Master Blackmailer!

  13. It’s not really a frock flick but he was a whole lot of fun as a Charlie Manson-wannabe murderous cult leader in Mandy (2018)…he even managed to hold his own against Nicolas Cage at his most unhinged and that is really saying something.

  14. Not historical, but amazing/weird costumes, is Chronicles of Riddick. Linus is the Purifier in that, and yes, deeply weird.

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