22 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All November

  1. I started watching “The Frankenstein Chronicles,” recently added to Britbox. From 2015, it includes Sean Bean, Samuel West, Ed Stoppard, the actress who played the younger sister on “Harlots,” and Vanessa Kirby. When an attraction starts to form between Kirby and Bean, the age difference is striking – she looks very young and he looks especially craggy.
    But I went on Kirby’s IMDb page to discover that she will star as Josephine in Ridley Scott’s upcoming “Napoleon.” Who plays Napoleon, you ask? Joaquin Phoenix. Because why not cast a 48 year-old opposite a 34 year-old who is playing a character six years older than the 48 year-old’s character?

    1. FWIW, Wikipedia says Ridley Scott originally intended to cast the role with Jodie Comer (who had previously worked with him on THE LAST DUEL), who was only 28 at the time of her casting opposite Phoenix. She dropped out due to scheduling setbacks due to Covid-19 shutdowns and was replaced by Kirby.

    2. 48?! Ridiculous. Napoleon was fucking famous for being a youthful genius, and Josephine for being the ultimate Parisienne/woman of the world. He was languishing on St. Helena when he was 48, and Josephine was dead. They need a much younger guy to play N.B. O.T.: I note that he and Rooney Mara had a kid recently. I wish someone would cast Mara as Anne Boleyn before she gets too old for the role…

  2. If one day you want to review Spanish 17th century court style, I recommend la Folie des Grandeurs, pure-gold French comic swashbuckle (at least for French people:) with amazing Velazquez infanta dresses and hair. They did really good for a 60’s production although the film also has its share of bouffant :)

  3. Not a frock flick, or a frock. I’m working on a 1910 garconet (boyish outfit made for a girl) outfit. To make things more complicated, I decided it needs a wearable mock up. In checked material.

    1. Diane de Poitiers with Isabelle Adjani (2022) is terrible…
      Head necklaces …
      Snark them all!!!

  4. Started to watch Marie Antoinette series (episode 1 available for free on canal plus website). I always feel depressed when the lack of extras is so obvious, especially for court-set movies. I know it’s for budget reasons but when you think of the scale of the 1938 MA film….

    1. Yes, a friend sent it yesterday. Nice casting, although the background music and the misty-prettiness look worry me. I note that Joely Richardson has a supporting role; she was a fine, strapping Lady C. some years back.

  5. In answer to your question, I’m working my way thru Interview with the Vampire and the 2nd season of Only Murders in the Building, which isn’t even a FrockFlick. FrockFlick-wise, I need to resume catching up on Grantchester and the 2nd seasons of All Creatures Great and Small and Miss Scarlet and the Duke. And I never finished The Durrells in Corfu. As you can tell, I’m terrible at binging–as these things have been out forever. I’m just feeling kind of meh about costume entertainment. I also need to finish Rosaline, and I want to view the 2020 British film Misbehaviour. But overall, I’m pretty “meh” about everything. I really want more of The Nevers on HBO. Beyond that, I just feel that we didn’t have any new old-school style Dracula, witch, and werewolf programs this Halloween, and that bums me out.

  6. May i suggest you this:

    (I cannot find a good quality version with subtitles)

    An argentine film on the life of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz.
    It’s a very low budget film, the sets are almost like a stage production and the actors do not age as time passes, but the costumes are interesting ( I don’t think it’s very historically accurate but i’m not an expert)

  7. Have any of you seen the trailer for Blood, Sex & Royalty? The Costumes look deliciously Snark worthy! Maybe for Snark Week?

  8. Would love you to review Les Combattantes, a new series on Netflix about the women struggling in WWII. Some costumes I loved, but a lot of cringe.

    1. The hore, the nun, the nurse and the wife. Spouse played by Sofia Essaidi has got some nice outfits.
      Ginger Audrey Fleurot as the hore is ridiculously dressed. Good actresses anyway.
      Same team (production and costume design) as in “The bonfire of destiny” .

  9. Anyone else watching La Otra Mirada on PBS? Girls’ boarding school in 1920s Seville gets shaken up when a spy on the run goes undercover as the new teacher.

  10. I tried watching Enola Holmes 2 last night, and gave up after two tries to get through it. I enjoyed the first one (didn’t love it, but thought it was cute), but this one was a bit painful. I just couldn’t do it, which was disappointing!

  11. I know Sarah touched on it in the Tyrone Power Man Candy Monday, but we just re-watched the Price of Foxes and you might consider it. It was filmed in the locations (real castles) in Italy so the sets are fabulous. I think they did a bit better on the men’s costumes than on the women’s, but Tyrone’s and Orsen’s clothes enhance the characters.

  12. OK. Watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on Friday. It’s long and it drags in places. It’s got at least a couple characters and plot lines too many.


    It is a GORGEOUS tribute to Chadwick Boseman. The depth of emotion throughout is very real and the acting is AMAZING. And the AESTHETIC. The colors. The costumes. The sets. Wakanda, of course, is fabulous, and Namor’s world is so beautifully realized. And the soundtrack! A fantastic blend of African and MesoAmerican influences.

    I was disappointed with some of the plot points, but I’m going to purchase this one just so I can savor some truly gorgeous moments.

    Fave fashion moment: ALL of Angela Bassett’s, but the moment when she sweeps into a gathering of world powers and gives them the business about their entitled demands for vibranium was EVERYTHING.

    I’m sure this one won’t count as a Frock Flick, but, in a flashback to Namor’s origin story, 16th century Mayan/Aztec attire, jewelry and hairstyles are featured.

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