7 thoughts on “See How They Run (2022)

  1. It has cinema release here in NZ and it was awesome to see it on a bigger screen. I LOVED the heck out of this movie! So clever, so many easter eggs for Christie fans. so smart. Also loving that the costuming was credibly British, not heightened Hollywood. Britain was still a pretty grim place in ’53. A few concessions like WPC Stalker having her hair down and that ridiculous cake, but it felt right. 100% recommend and will watch again!

    1. It was a lovely cosy light watch. Well worth few hours and Ruth Wilson costumes were so beautiful If I had the money I’d dress exactly like that

  2. Description of Christie-meets-Anderson is spot on! Bright & fun without being too splashy, surprising depth to the characterizations of our main sleuths; a fun Sunday watch at my local arthouse theater!

  3. This film started well but ran out of steam about half way through. I think the attempt to make a film about a play about a book etc was trying too hard and fell flat, and bringing Christie in to inadvertently poison her own butler jumped the shark for us. Fun for the first half though.

  4. I really wanted to like this as I love murder mysteries, period pieces, and Agatha Christie! I don’t know of it was the editing or the pacing but the first half just felt off to me, it seemed to drag. The second half was better. I wonder if I am being to hard on it by comparing it to Knives Out which was so brilliantly done.

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