5 thoughts on “Interview With the Vampire (2022) – Recap Episodes 5 & 6

  1. Glad my question about if Louis would keep up with changing hair trends was finally answered (totally pertinent to the plot, I know). The 1970s hair is a bit of a stretch but with some teasing, could conceivably achieve that top volume from the length his hair was when he was turned. I also love how Claudia’s hair goes from styled to unstyled depending on the age she’s trying to pass for; fluffy little girl curls when she’s at home and doesn’t care about passing, proper 1930s updos for when she’s out in public and trying to appear older.

  2. I’m not sure how the producers are going to wrap everything up in one more episode. Maybe they’re holding stuff back in case of another season?

  3. So many of the Lestat looks/shots seem to me to be evoking very specific J.C. Leyendecker paintings. The gold brocade smoking jacket from a previous episode, for sure, but the screencap above where you highlight the transitional 1930s ties is even somehow even composed like a Leyendecker advertisement.

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