5 thoughts on “TBT: Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill (1974)

  1. Winston got his resilience from his irrepressible mother. Jennie, like her father Leonard Jerome, refused to be crushed by any reverses of fate. Fortunately for the world her son inherited that trait.

  2. My 70s viewing was so hit or miss. I never watched Upstairs, Downstairs, but I devoured this.

  3. Lee Remick really did not physically resemble the real Jennie; but she was such a good actress that she captured the role quite well. I’ll have to try seeing this on Acorn if it’s available; I rewatched it awhile ago on YouTube I think and it was rather blurry.

  4. I adored this back in the day…and had a major crush on Lee Remick lol I remember blubbing when she died, all very emosh! [I would have been about 14 I suppose]

  5. Lived this when I watched it. But my favourites were Lillie and Edward the King.

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