5 thoughts on “WCW: Zelah Clarke

  1. “John Le Mesurier as Bob Marley’s Ghost”. Wowza! Now there’s a sight to conjure up. Perhaps it was just our old friend and saviour AutoCorrect rearing its ugly head, but if it was your own error Sarah, then I am in love with you already.

  2. Now I want to see a version of A Christmas Carol with the soundtrack comprised of all Bob Marley songs!! I saw Lady Jane ages ago, but I’m do for a re-watch. I’ve never seen the Timothy Dalton version of Jane Eyre, but I want to. And yes, he is dreamy!!! But I feel like Rochester is always attractive in the movies. And whenever I read the book, I always imagine him to be physically attractive even though he isn’t described as such. Am I the only one.

  3. It took me a second to realize “The Lost Boys” up there wasn’t vampire related :P

  4. Lady Jane did have amazing costumes. Just not amazingly authentic! 😁
    Timothy Dalton does seem too handsome for Rochester but when you read the detailed description of Rochester’s face, as Jane draws a portrait, you see that Dalton actually corresponds very well.

  5. I’ve only seen The Duchess of Duke Street, which is far overdue for a rewatch — I saw the original series back when it aired in the 1970s. My mother would let me stay up past my bedtime to watch it with her, much to the chagrin of my father (long before we owned a VCR). I bought the box set a few years ago but still haven’t unwrapped it, I’m a little afraid it won’t hold up to my lovely memories.

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