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  1. Didn’t realize he was in these flicks. Of the ones I saw, The Next Doctor, for sure.

  2. In the picture of Hangmen, the actor on the left is currently to be seen in the latest season of ‘Unforgotten’ on Masterpiece Mystery as one of the suspects.

    1. So wished the NT had shared Hangman with us on YouTube during their Covid Lockdown in 2020.
      Loved every Play/show they shared last year. I felt “rich” in solitary self-isolation.

      1. I absolutely second that because I would have loved to watch it again. Not only because of Morrissey but also because of Johnny Flynn who was also in it and hilarious

  3. “I know the hair/eggbeard is appropriate to the role, but I don’t have to like it.”

    I hate to have to ask, but what does “eggbeard” mean?

    I see this term used every so often when men’s facial hair comes under discussion, and I don’t get it. (Googling just gets me a lot of pictures of eggs with beards drawn on them, which is cute but not helpful unless Easter is coming up.)

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Oh, yes, a very nice choice! I’ve only seen him a few things, but he always looks very good and acts very well. Centurion was fun. I’m going to add a few of these to my list.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t buy him as “teenager” in that film, Cause Celebre? I mean, he definitely looks young, but not like a teenager in my opinion.

  5. He’s not to my taste at all, but he’s a good actor. I think part of this is having seen him in Our Mutual Friend as the VERY FIRST THING I ever saw him in — and once you’ve seen him go full-blown psycho would-be murderer (sorry, spoilers), there’s no coming back from that. I enjoyed him “all right” as Colonel Brandon, but I’m with you: Alan Rickman is my Brandon, and Kate Winslet is my Marianne, and no matter how much more I like Dan Stevens than Hugh Grant as Edward, the 1996 version is THE BEST. “Give me something to do, or I shall run mad,” pleads Rickman with his doe eyes and I… melt. I was so gone. Even as a thirteen year old, seeing it for the first time, wanting to punch Marianne repeatedly because HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS MAN?

    Ahem. Yes. Moving on.

    1. I guess I’m in the minority since I loved “Our Mutual Friend”, but yes, his Bradley Headstone was absolutely terrifying!

      1. Yes–and brilliant. I loved this production and have watched it many times. The word Dickens uses to describe every aspect of Headstone’s appearance is “decent”–sort of like in the interview with a serial killer’s neighbors and they unanimously describe the SK as nice and ordinary. His proposal scene is a masterclass in terror and despair.
        But I got past that and loved his Colonel Brandon! “Come and find me when you’re ready.” Okay!

      2. I really enjoyed Our Mutual Friend! I love the book because for once, Dickens wrote a feisty heroine. But that version of Richard II, with Ben Whishaw in the title role was electrifying!

    2. Same here. So after that I hated him as Brandon…kept waiting for him to turn psycho stalker 19th century version

  6. I think that he was a very different Colonel Brandon and the role is not easy … He is more the tragic but bully officer.
    But he has very different scenes in the film then in Emma Thompson-adaption.

  7. Were dead animals draped around the shoulders ever a thing outside of thirties fox stoles and Game of thrones??

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