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  1. As a side note, ‘Rupert’ is a British army slang term for an officer, particularly of the gentry class. It ostencably comes from the name being a common boys name in that class, (as well as from those with aspirations). From the photos above, a certain amount of typecasting seem to accompany the name.

  2. Rupert Penry-Jones in that Persuasion is my grown-ass woman crush in Austen films. Whereas Colin Firth’s Darcy is my teenage hearthrob Austen crush. If ya get my drift.

  3. Rupert Penry-Jones is also in Charlotte Gray, with Cate Blanchett — it’s a WWII-era film, and that was the first time he made me say, “Dayum.”

  4. Historical note: Prince Rupert of the Rhine was a Stuart prince who fought in the Civil Wars for his cousin, Charles I.

    For me it’s Rupert Everett and Rupert Graves. But my heart belongs to Rufus. I’d shag the Ruperts and marry/shag Rufus.

  5. Kept thinking that Rupert Evans looked familiar, so I googled and he was also in Agora! This just happened a second time btw, I watched The Handmaid’s Tale and thought that Nick had a familiar face. Bang, Max Minghella, also from Agora

  6. I don’t know what it is about Rupert Young- he didn’t initially make much of an impression on me in early Merlin eps… but he’s kind of snuck up on me, lol.
    That WQ picture is the perfect representation of why I adore him now; there’s this impression of sweetness & kindness, from his eyes- all the way out – I really want to watch WQ- for him & one of my other crushes, David Oakes (I also like that he’s not playing a jerk in the new Victoria series)- I knew the moment I heard he was playing Clarence what I might expect when I got around to watching it {what seems like a very long time ago I read ‘The Lady & the Unicorn’, by a fellow Antipodean, Isolde Martyn- so I got a clear impression of: Clarence = tool}.

    If you need ideas for ManCandy- I know tastes are subjective & all, but… might I suggest
    1) Paul Telfer – I haven’t seen his earliest work, but I saw him in “Hercules”, as… Hercules, where he has a cute English accent- & damn!!! (& yes he is worth 3 exclamations!) As well as where I first saw him, “NCIS”, where his character Damon Werth was in 3 eps, across a couple of seasons- but it was the first, ‘Corporal Punishment’ that really blew me away; he has this raw power mixed with a sense of vulnerability- & it was an amazing combination. He looked smokin! in the Marine uniform, had some incredible fight scenes with Cote DePablo/ Ziva, & has a very creditable American accent- though me being Australian, perhaps I’m no judge – he’s the Hunter Alexander in “TVD” (with his natural Scottish accent)- he’s Mackintosh in “OUaT” (again, with his natural accent, though it seems to be a bit stronger here); there’s this wonderful sense of growth to his character over his appearances, that serves as a cool kind of live-action sequel to “Brave”: there’s a fantastic scene where he & others help Merida… & the exchange between them – oh! Just look at their eyes & smiles- it’s really beautiful.
    2) Craig Parker – for those of us old enough to remember- I’m certain he was in several eps of “Xena”, but the two characters I remember, were: an enchanted prince, I think (don’t quote me on it- I’m too lazy to look it up, & am relying on my less-than-perfect memory) & a villain, Bellerophon, which I know for a fact – the whole world knows he was in “LotR”, obviously- he was the lead antagonist in “Legend of the Seeker”, ‘Darken Rhal’- he was a villain in an “NCIS: LA” ep- he was also one of the lead antagonists in “Spartacus: Blood & Sand”, as well as its’ sequel, “Spartacus: Vengeance” – I heard he had a role in the “Sleepy Hollow” series, again, as a villain, though I haven’t got around to watching it- & he played the complicated ‘Stephane Narcisse’ in “Reign”- enjoy the wild boxing scene he has in that!
    & 3) Tom Sturridge – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy with such translucent skin- if there’s a guy that fits the term ‘beautiful’, it’s him. He was in a couple of scenes in “Vanity Fair”, where he really seems to channel JRM’s George, though they had no scenes together & the character had died before Georgie was born – he was in “The Boat that Rocked”- he was in a British/ Australian production of a thriller with Eddie Redmayne & Toni Colette, I can’t think of the name of it, & I only saw the trailer- more recently, I saw a trailer for “Mary Shelley”, where he’s Byron.
    I was momentarily confused at two separate times; I thought I saw him in “Vengeance”, as Seppius & later, in an ep of “Miss Fisher”- it wasn’t Tom Sturridge, but Tom Hobbs in both roles.

    You could also look at… Tom Hiddleston, Nikolaj Coster-Waldu, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Tom Hopper, Henry Cavill, Luke Roberts…
    Sorry for rambling a bit- but it’s about hot guys… can you blame me, lol!?

    1. Oh, just a thought- as you’ve done a ‘Rupert’ page- you could do a ‘Tom’ or ‘Chris’ page- not quite as much flair as Rupert, I know- but the actors & roles would make up for it.

  7. Of the pictures posted here, Rupert Everett takes the cake. IRL, Rupert Penry-Jones has the most mmm…. factor out of these Ruperts. As per “more Ciaran Hinds”… yes, yes, and always!

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