19 thoughts on “The Historical Costume Women of Game of Thrones

  1. Favourite GOT lady has to be Natalie Dormer, loved her as Victoria in Casanova, and as Anne Boleyn in “The Tudors”.
    Also Maise Williams, but I think the only period piece she’s done is “The Falling”, and 1960s school uniforms are not that interesting to look at…

  2. Natalie Dormer was terrific in Casanova — that’s where I first saw her, so I was psyched when I heard a few months later she’d been cast as Anne Boleyn.

    Saw Carice in… was it called Black Death? Something with Sean Bean in it. You can guess how it ends. :P

  3. I’m surprised you did not include Kate Dickie. Besides playing the deranged Lysa Aran, she was the pregnant wife of John in Pillars of the Earth.

  4. I didn’t know Lena Headey was in Possession! Goodness, was that a makeunder or what?

  5. First time I saw van Houten was in “The Black Book,” a WWII story where she played a Jew infiltrating the Nazi hierarchy by becoming the mistress of a highly placed officer. I guess that counts as a period piece these days. Been a fan ever since.

  6. Diana Rigg co-starred with Oliver Reed in the 1968 movie, “THE ASSASSINATION BUREAU, LTD.”, in which she portrayed an Edwardian journalist and suffragette.

    Lena Headley was also in the 1994 Disney film, “THE JUNGLE BOOK” and in the 1993 film, “THE REMAINS OF THE DAY”.

  7. “In the Heart of the Sea” is not a retelling of Moby Dick, it’s a retelling of the true story on which Hermann Melville based Moby Dick.

  8. OH MY GOD I did not realize Diana Rigg was Arlena from Evil Under The Sun until JUST NOW. I love that movie! And Jane Birkin is fabulously evil at the end

      1. Lena was also in an adaption of The Jungle Book, back in the 90’s, with everyone’s favourite ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’, Cary Elwes as a bad guy & my beloved Sam Neill- as well as Jason Scott-Lee as Mowgli.
        She was also in some Merlin mini-series/ movie-thing, also with Sam- her wedding dress in that is stunning! Even though it doesn’t get much screen-time, it makes Cotillard’s wedding/ coronation costume look kind of average, tbh.

        Nat got a little cameo in Capt America, I believe.

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