5 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Costume Recap & Podcast: Season 6, Episode 4

  1. Cora really rocks it in the seafoam. But I disagree with you about Mary’s white silk business-like blouse. Edith green dinner gown is amazing. Loved the jewelled headband. Edith is coming into her own.

    Mary’s bling white dinner gown was a work of art.

    Was glad seeing Gwen a successful woman. I really was pleased in how she gave Sybil the acknowledgement Sybil deserved in helping her better Gwen.

    Nice to see the late Christopher Lee’s niece in episode. Lady Peter Wimsey, er Harriet Walters as Lady Shackleton.

  2. It feels like the clothing is the only thing that changes in this show and I think it’s pretty clear that it’s a good thing this is the last season since Fellowes is out of ideas.

    The Bates’ keep painful secrets from each other and there are misunderstandings and occasionally the law gets involved! Yet they never learn to confide in one another. They have incredibly bad luck.

    Carson makes decisions without consulting Mrs. Hughes-now-Carson.

    Attractive dudes are into Mary, and Mary wonders if it’s worth it to marry them. Mary is a bitch to Edith.

    Cora is oblivious to everything. Lord Grantham is also oblivious, but to different things.

    The Biddies alternate between bickering and plotting.

    Thomas is sad and evil and gay and lonely.

    Daisy has Dreams of Something More and Mrs. Padmore is covered in flour and disapproves.

    Poor servant has a problem and aristocrats do something anachronistically benevolent.

    Someone mentions how the times are a-changing.

    And occasionally things are shaken up when someone has a fling with someone unsuitable or someone dies.

    I will continue to watch till the bitter end, but it’s getting ridiculous. Honestly the addition of the Denker/Spratt relationship is the most interesting thing to happen recently.

    1. I’m 99% with you, except that I hate Denker sooooooo much! But yeah, it is good to have a new villain, and Spratt is genius.

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