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  1. Urgh! I can’t believe I’m missing Ciaran Hinds in GOT!!! (I stopped watching after they killed Sean Bean. Couldn’t take it.) So I might have to play some serious catch-up just to see my wonderful Capt. Wentworth/Joe. Loved him in both those roles.
    And the glorious Bean… I’m currently binge-watching the Sharpe series with a friend. Round two must happen soon. LOVING that His Beanness does not die! And it’s a pretty set of stories, too.

  2. I’m skipping over GOT entirely, but the man candy is awfully tempting!

    I adore Ciaran Hinds – his Captain Wentworth is one of my ultimate fictional crushes. I also love him as the evil-but-ultimately-redeemed-by-love Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert in the 1997 version of Ivanhoe. So scheming, so rugged, so secretly soft inside!


    1. Though his face may be said to be the color and texture of a macaroon, I think he is perfectly weatherbeaten and the perfect Capt. W! Will have to check out that series of Ivanhoe, too!

    1. Harry Lloyd was also Will Scarlett in the regrettable 2005 Robin Hood and played a turn-of-the-twentieth-century baddie in the NuWho story “Family of Blood.”

      1. ^^^This. I was going to comment about Harry Lloyd in Doctor Who if someone else hadn’t said it. That was the first thing I saw him in and the story takes place RIGHT before WWI. As a student in an all-boys’ boarding school, he was very much in period costume. Don’t know how accurate it was though. And, as always, he played a douchebag. (Sad, because he’s pretty, and I really wish people who make shows and movies would branch out once in a while and NOT cast to “types”.)

  3. Since I haven’t had time to binge-watch GoT yet, I appreciate the “Dude Synopsis” here. Well done! And having only recently watched Sean Bean in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, I am berating myself for having not had that in my memory banks for lo these many years. (Don’tcha love the rewind button?) But moving on to the new crop of hotties, from the photos posted here I am nominating either or both Michiel Huisman and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for the “Sean Bean-ness Award.” Both are promising. And on a sartorial note, did anyone else love the green jacket on Richard Madden in Cinderella? If you look closely at the embroidery, you will notice how cleverly they created/extended the leaf motif done in gold thread to emphasize the cut of his jacket. I would travel a good bit to have someone teach me how to use my embroidery machine that well.

  4. I’ll admit I have never been a big Kit fan; his expression is often so…pouty. Its as though he is always seconds away from stomping off and sulking somewhere. Peter D was also rather dashing (in a snarky, eye-patch way) in Penelope. Richard is certainly the age appropriate swoon, but Sean Bean forever. I fell in love with that face -and that VOICE- when I was 12. They are re-making Lady Chatterley’s Lover and I don’t even need to know who they cast- they won’t bring it like Bean.

  5. Iain Glen was in an adaptation of R.L.Stevenson’s Kidnapped. So-so program, but he was super-super-hot in 18th c. Scottishness.

    Aiden Gillen was pretty steamy as the villain (can’t remember his name) in an early to mid 90s Lorna Doone. I woulda totally chosen him over the actual hero – except that whenever I see Aiden Gillen all I can think is “Stewart Allen Jones…..you’re such a twat” in a Manchester (?) accent, lol.

  6. Bean was awesome as Boromir, too…which is kind of a historical role, right? Armour and swords and mighty battles–though it is another where he typically dies in a tragic but heroic way!

  7. I approve of this excellent post!!

    P.S. Am I the only one that doesn’t find Kit Harrington attractive? I just don’t like his babyface.

  8. Sean Bean is a superior actor. It’s so refreshing to see him get his dues in roles he’s done in the past. His Vronksy in Anna Karenina is vastly superior to the fop in the latest remake. But all his roles are worthy because of the caliber of his acting. A true gem of the acting profession. By the way, he’s currently filming another historical role as an Investigator in a new series called “The Frankenstein Chronicles” for ITV. Thank you for a great article.

  9. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau AND Gerard Butler in Gods of Egypt, how did I miss that?! Sounds like one damn fine MANwich!

  10. I can’t find any pictures now, but Nikolaj Coster-Waldau did star in the Norwegian/Swedish/Danisn film “The Kautokeino Rebelleion” that is about Sàpmi discrimination and religious awakening in 19th century Norway.

      1. What about Mathew MacFayden?
        He was always in these beautiful wool suits, with the bowler hat, looking all put together and fabulous.

  11. Nikolaj played the titular character in New Amsterdam, a tv in which he played an immortal New Yorker and therefore wore costumes from the 17th, 18th, 19th and of course 20th century (especially the teens and forties).

    Harry Lloyd was also in the hollow crown.

    And of course Peter Dinklage was all 1970 Ed for the most recent xmen movie.

  12. Iain Glenn played Hamlet in the film of Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and was pretty tasty.

  13. Harry Lloyd was in the WGN series set during World War II, “MANHATTAN”. Peter Dinklage was in the second Narnia film produced by Disney, “PRINCE CASPIAN”. Aidan Gillen had portrayed a doomed 1920s painter in the “POIROT” movie, “FIVE LITTLE PIGS”. And Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was in the World War II drama, “ENIGMA”.

  14. Kit harrington in pompeii–finally, someone has taken hollywood female battle armor and put it on a man! Fair play, bitchez!!! I’m so glad that one arm and pectoral muscle will be protected, though.

  15. Ian Glenn was my first ‘villain-crush’; it’s terrible I know, but I felt a certain amount of sympathy for him, I thought Cynthia was a bit of a btch, tbh – I absolutely loved ‘Wives & Daughters’, but Francesca Annis’ character *really grated on me & to a lesser degree the Brownings’ sisters, but I loved Rosamund Pike & awesomely bitchy Lady Cumnor (it took me ages to realise she was the b*tch aunt to Darcy in the ‘P&P’ series… I am ashamed of that)- so I guess, job well done?

    Aiden was also the villain in ‘Lorna Doone’ (previously played in another adaption by Sean Bean- & Richard Madden also took on a Sean Bean role with the recent ‘Lady C’, opposite Holliday Granger – Sean Bean has played a few dastardly historic-set roles; ‘Scarlett’ [that ‘GWtW’ sequel- I have rose-tinted childhood glasses for the costumes in that] & he was a baddie in some Catherine Cookson movie I saw a lifetime ago- & I think ‘Ser Aliser Thorne’ might have been in it, as a good guy [he was also in ‘The Last Legion’, with Colin Firth & ‘Jojen Reed’… don’t judge me, I was bored!]), with my boy Jesse Spenser alongside, as a minor upper-crust villain- I recall he had a nice wig early on, but his hair near the end is an absolute riot, in terms of historical accuracy – it also was made to feel a bit like a mini-GoT reunion, as it had ‘Maester Aemon’ as Granddad Doone (& a semi-bad guy) & Anton Lesser as Carver’s dad.
    It also had a baby-faced James MacAvoy & a fabulous (but underused) Martin Clunes & ‘Foyle’ as the infamous ‘Hanging Judge Jeffries’.

    ‘Ripper St’ had a couple of the GoT boys pop in for cameos, I believe- one being my adored ‘Ser Barristan’… as a bit of a bastard, apparently (I was moving house that year, so I missed a lot of the season).

  16. Charles Dance also played the Phantom in a 1990 miniseries based on the Yeston/Kopit Phantom musical with Teri Polo.

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