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  1. And cover art for historical romance. Oh Lord, where do I start? Perhaps with a wedding dress recoloured does not make it Regency.
    And hats. A Georgian woman (my period of note) never went outside without her hat, bonnet, or headcovering. They had caps too, to keep the hair clean and tidy during the daytime. Sometimes said cap was a frill of lace. Other times it was a complete biggins with lappets. But no respectable woman (or not-respectable one for that matter) went outside without something covering her head.

  2. And gloves.
    Pinset Tailoring has a few videos of what the well dressed Regency gents wears.

    Is there a link to Kendra’s hair blog?

    Love the JA reference

  3. Tight lacing of corsets was indeed a thing but the majority of women had better sense. Surviving corsets average 20+ inch waists.

  4. Stretchy panne velvet, especially for medieval gowns. I don’t know why it looks even worse for that period,–it just does.

    1. Contractually required leather pants? Which as near as I can tell were never a real thing historically. Leather insets at wear points, yes; chaps, yes; leather trousers, not really.

  5. Yay! Fantastic guide. And by now I remember most of these things being mentioned, so I feel like I have learned things. :-) The only thing I’m surprised didn’t get a direct mention is the fabric choice. But it is on the bingo set. :-)

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