21 thoughts on “Snark Week: Anachronistic Corsets

    1. For those of us old enough to remember such things, it looks like a mid-20th century “merry widow.”

  1. I, too, thought Amadeus. But Cate as Marian would also qualify as Corsets worn as outside garment.
    Wonder if corset periods were given, oh say dog names? GEORGIAN =HORACE, VICTORIAN =DASH or DASH, Or would that require a higher I.Q. than they possess?

  2. That strange blue shirt with underbust corset and fugly pants boggles my mind. You say that was supposed to be a version of Robin Hood, as in the ye-olde British lore…? It wasn’t an Austin Powers or something? Huh.

    1. I’ve now seen that photo twice in my life, and am nearly certain it has burned my retinas clean off. I cannot possibly enunciate the word NO sharply enough at it.

        1. It’s similar to trying to get them to watch and appreciate black-and-white films and television shows.

  3. It’s like they want everything to be steampunk. (Says the person researching Rational Dress so she can make a steampunk version).

  4. I always have to point out that this shitty Amadeus corset was NOT in the theatrical release of the film, so maybe director Milos Forman had an inkling that it sucked, even if costume designer Theodor Pistek (who won an Oscar for this movie) put it in there. I saw the film in theaters & had no idea about his travesty until Sarah bitched about it years later — she had first seen the movie on video, where the scene was apparently added back in.

  5. Oh, c’mon! Why are people even using 19th century corsets in 18th century setting?! Roccoco stays actually seems rather nice. The Robin Hood costumes kill me even more than those of Reign.

  6. The Gladiator corset stood out horribly, but that didn’t stop me from finding it gorgeous — that’s still one of my favorite outfits in the film.


  7. The whole light blue and red outfit from Frontier: What? and The? and also, Fuck? She’s got a blue fur muff on her head. Which might not be quite so weird if she wasn’t also wearing tiny short puffed sleeves and sheer undersleeves, and…is that a tapestry bolero? And long black gloves? Please tell me her character is the local crazy cat lady.

  8. I just rewatched Amadeus and the corset was the only time I had to snark outloud to my husband. It’s not even an accurate Victorian era corset as it’s super short and doesn’t go under her petticoat at all. More of a Merry Widow. I think the whole reason for the inaccurate corset is to make it easy to take off so her boobs can be out.

  9. Just discovered a site on YouTube…Prior Attaire. “Dressing as a……..” you see a women dress from the chemise/shift out for a wide range of eras. It really helps to highlight how long it could take for a upper class woman to dress, how they needed help and how comfortable a well fitted corset could and should be.

    1. OMG this is my new favorite channel! Wonderful stuff. Watching all the different layers go on is fascinating. I loved the one about going to the toilet, as well! She is a delight.

  10. I blame a lot of this on the modern-day fashion for corsets as outerwear. Somehow, some way, some costume designers have extrapolated this to mean that corsets were also worn as outer garments in previous eras.

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