15 thoughts on “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (2022)

  1. Dress clips!
    The green evening dress is accessorized with dress clips!
    Such a great touch!

  2. I read the book, but all I can remember is after chasing all over England the key witness turns out to be right back where they started.

    1. Skorts
      Didn’t Schiaparelli do skorts in the ‘30s for a famous tennis player? It was shocking!

  3. I hadn’t heard of this but I am very excited to check it out. 1930s clothing is always one of my favorite time periods – except unfortunately a lot of works set in the ’30s are in the American dustbowl and/or Depression so there’s not often as much room to show off the architectural details used in women’s clothing – and I’ve been a fan of Will Poulter’s all the way back to Son of Rambow.

  4. Will Poulter was Eustice Scrubb in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I thought it was well done, and I probably ought not to have watched it when I was VERY short on sleep. as I drifted off in bits. I’m planning on watching it again. I enjoyed the small touches the props and costumers did. well done!

  5. Gosh, the costumes aline make me want to see this. Francesca Annus did this as well.

    1. (I meant to post this here…🫤)
      Didn’t Schiaparelli do skorts for a famous tennis player in the ‘30s? It was shocking!

  6. Really enjoyed this one–Tommy especially is a good bit more serious than in the book, where he’s mostly an amiable doofus, but the overall effect is still pretty cozy and a good counterpoint to the recent tendency to inject dark melodrama into Christie adaptations. Especially loved Lucy Boynton in her many and pretty accurate hats–the hats are so often the first thing to go when directors decide they want their period dramas to feel modern and “relatable,” and historical hats are the most fun!

  7. Loved the show and the costumes! Leave it to Hugh Laurie to do Christie right.

  8. I loved the show and thought it was done beautifully. One question though, does anyone know what her necklace was for her wedding outfit? It looked like lobster claws but it was hard to tell and I wondered if there was a significance that I couldn’t figure out.

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