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  1. Alas, my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie is Funny Face, not a Frock Flick. Okay, the age difference between her and Fred Astaire is a little icky (30 yrs), but the fashions by Hubert de Givenchy are fabulous. And, in conclusion, Kay Thompson! :)

    1. Funny Face is my forever favorite Audrey movie. The Paris Opera scene where she’s running down the grand staircase is my ideal evening wear. Though How to Steal a Million is a close second.

  2. Hepburn’s white lace Ascot dress is my favorite costume ever, followed closely by that beaded white evening gone with the red velvet cape. Cecil Beaton really outdid himself.

  3. Gah, I can’t choose just one! If I must, don’t want to but will abide by the rules, it has to be My Fair Lady. The Nun’s Story (1920s-1940s) really isn’t a frock flick (lots of habits) but is an incredible showcase for her as a performer.

  4. Some of those B&W outfits at the end of the pics are not in the film. But they look very Cecil Beaton-y and are fantastic. I wonder if they are rejected costumes (“Ahhhh… no. Put it on an extra. Next!) or just for PR or just Beaton having fun.

    1. They weren’t worn by AH in the film, but were on the cast in the Ascot scene. She begged to be allowed to try them all on, there are from the shoot that resulted

    2. Isn’t she marvelous! I think the pink organza dress in MFL is the “epitome of X era does Y era” and is SO fabulous as a result I forgive Beaton his transgressions.

  5. That Ascot scene in MFL is just so stunning so that has to take the cake. I also adored her evening gown as a kid — and I think I still do.

    I also rewatched The Robe (1953) recently in which she plays Richard Burton’s girlfriend back in ancient Rome. It’s one of those biblical-ish epics from that era, and so a bit cheesy in places, but holds a soft spot for me. Her costumes were kind of “generic flowy ancient” rather than stola & palla, and I’m guessing the hair was also 50s influenced. But having grown up with it and not having enough expertise it just seems “normal” the way a lot of “medieval” clothing from movies seems (obviously they had princess seams back then! ;-)).

    1. Jean Summons was In the Robe with Burton. To my knowledge Ms Hepburn has made one religious film, The Nun. It was very good.

  6. My Fair Lady — always and forever! I toured Warner Bros. studios a few years ago, and they had a selection of the costumes from the movie, especially the Ascot scene. Amazing!

    I have to give her a break for the hairstyle in Robin and Marian. As a nun, she would most likely have her hair chopped off. Assuming that Marian had curly hair, what we see with the wimple off is a reasonable approximation of reality.

    1. Oh, JLou, I just can’t agree with you on this one re “a reasonable approximation of reality.” I mean, even if Maid Marian had curly hair (and of course she did because Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio did), everything about Audrey Hepburn’s hair in that picture screams–rollers!!

  7. A beauty and a class act and a great actress. And, to my knowledge, there’s no such thing as too many pictures from My Fair Lady. Eliza Doolittle is my fave of her Frock Flick roles, though as someone else said, Charade is my favorite of her roles. The MFL dress that you said wasn’t your fave–I think it’s altogether lovely. I’m too lazy to look this up so I’m throwing this question out there: Did Cecil Beaton admit to having Erte as one of his influences on My Fair Lady–cause that’s what I’m seeing when I look at them. Awesome WCW choice!

  8. There was a touring production of My Fair Lady in 1981 (with Rex Harrison), and they used identical costumes to the film. I was working in the theatre and got to see them all close up. They were so beautiful!! All those black and white Ascot outfits together was just stupendous. Now I’m going to watch MFL (it’s streaming on Netflix).

  9. Robin and Marian is an interesting & underrated movie. Hepburn & Connery have chemistry and are so good as people with a deep history.

    Unlike most Robin Hood movies it draws largely on the original story/ies about Robin & Marian in later life, and as per those stories it ends sadly, so I’m not surprised it wasn’t exactly a massive hit.

    It also includes a early medieval sword fight which I found wrenching to watch, with the protagonists slowly and exhaustedly hacking at each other. I saw the movie when it first came out and that scene, along with Robin’s death, have stuck in my head all those years.

  10. I realize I’ve only actually watched ONE of her frock flicks so far so I have to go with My Fair Lady! If nothing else for the costumes alone. The Ascot Races scene is just brilliant.

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