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  1. In the Olivier Richard, the first and last photos are of Jane Shore, I think. Forgot the actress’ name!

  2. Love you all!! I believe that the caption for the last “Hollow Crown” pic should read “With Keeley Hawes as Elizabeth Woodville and Judi Dench as her mother-in-law Cecily”. Elizabeth’s mother was Jacquetta of Luxembourg.

  3. Hey, they even did that “high, almost bald looking foreheads are hot” thing that usually accompanied hennins in the 1955 one!

  4. Those are some very nice hennins on Claire Bloom. The butterfly hennin is especially pretty.
    Winona Ryder could be wearing a double butterfly hennin, I’ve seen pictures of such things in historical costume books.
    I’m not a medieval expert either but I feel completely confident in calling Isabel’s regency style gown awful.

    1. I will self style me a “medieval expert” and say that gown is prerraphaelite aesthetic at best, but as a 15th English gown, it’s a big not.

  5. Someone needs to make a film or miniseries based on Sharon Kay Penman’s The Sunne in Splendour! (also the Here Be Dragons books). That would be a good starting point for a three dimensional portrayal of Anne Neville.

    1. Anne is wearing her crown. When queens appeared in their full regalia, which only happened at great state events, they wore their hair down. Brides sometimes did so too, otherwise no. Kings and queens only appears in the crowns on very special occasions, their coronations, opening parliament, high holy days, that sort of thing. Otherwise they wore hats and headdresses like everybody else.

  6. I had a ghost-ish experience with Anne Neville on one trip England. I consider her a personal friend.

      1. Well, at the time I was literally a card-carrying member of the Richard III Society, and I’m still all White Rose. Anyway, I was strolling around Westminster Abbey when a flash of light to my left caught my eye. The flash was the sun through the window reflecting off the perfectly-polished brass plaque over her grave. I felt as though she meant me to be sure to see her.

  7. Anne Nevill is an intriguing figure. We know her public career, wife to Edward of Lancaster, ‘ward’s for which read prisoner of George of Clarence who wanted to force her into a Convent so he could have the entire Warwick inheritance instead of half, and her marriage to Richatd of Gloucester.
    What we don’t know is how she felt about any of it. Was she ambitious? Did she want to be Queen? Did she want to be married to either of her husband’s? We just don’t know. Was she a passive pawn or an eager behind the scenes intriguer?
    There is evidence that her marriage to Richard was a happy one. He seems to have been faithful to her and grieved at her death. It seems significant that he shared his coronation with Anne. Apparently he wanted her at his side during his greatest moment.

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