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  1. I think the white over-lace-gown is a recyled costume that I first saw in “Lark Rise to Candleford” on the magistrate’s wife — I only suspect this, because every time I see it, I gasp out loud in utter awe at how gorgeous it is.

    I’ve seen most of these!!

    Am very much looking forward to the Churchill film (tho, can he top the terrific performance in The Crown? We shall see!).

  2. Funny, after the discussion yesterday I started re watching Gosford Park this morning which I do enjoy despite the genre. I am not a fan of K S-T in part perhaps because I have found so few of her roles sympathetic and because she is so porcelain perfect that I have difficulty relating to her. I was looking at her and her sister (in G.P) today and wondering if they are the same species as me. They do nothing but eat and lounge on sofas looking bored but are pencil thin and look stunning still in those revealing thirties dresses. Now I had lived their lifestyle I would most certainly not be able to wear one of those dresses, (not that I could anyway.)

    I also disliked her character in English Patient. I did not like the main story. It was the secondary story about the nurse and sapper that was for me the highlight of that film so though I agree she is a fine actor I don’t warm to her.

    Her character in Angels and Insects also did not really win me over though she should have but again I felt the character lacked warmth.

  3. I adore Kristin! I love how she transforms herself in every role but that French film looks good enough to eat!

  4. Oh, gawd, that was KST in “Angels and Insects”? She just melted into the role (although I do remember those eyes). I’m afraid I’d also forgotten Mark Rylance was in it; clearly I must see the movie again. Am also very fond of her in “Gosford Park.”

  5. I love Gosford Park so much. I stumbled upon it ages ago when I was home sick and was like, “HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS SOONER.” It is one of my go-to films when I’m feeling like disappearing. KST is only one of the many excellent reasons to watch it.

  6. There’s a Canadian DVD (Region 1, English subtitles) of “Arsene Lupin” (2004) available via Amazon though it’s fairly expensive (as of now, $40-plus not including shipping).

  7. And soon she’ll go 20’s for Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca hopes that will be good because Lily James as the second Mrs. De Winter just sounds wrong

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