4 thoughts on “Last Night in Soho (2021)

  1. I rather enjoyed the movie. My husband felt it crammed several stories into a confusing mess.

    One detail with struck me about the tent dress is how it looks when light shines through it. From figure hiding to surprise sexy as the figure hugging lining shows itself.

    1. Yes! I loved that detail about the tent dress, too. I couldn’t find any photos that showed it, so you really have to watch the film to appreciate how gorgeously the chiffon floated in the light, illuminating the sheath dress underneath.

      As for the plot, I don’t love it as much as I love Wright’s other films (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World’s End, above all Spaced), and I’m wondering if it was because Simon Pegg wasn’t involved in the writing. It had the elements from all of those shows that I loved but lacked the playfulness that really got me hooked. It was more of a straight psychological thriller than I guess I was expecting from Wright. I’m not sure I would watch it again, tbh, even though I enjoyed the visuals a lot. The plot was just… meh.

  2. I felt there was parts of the film that could have been improved upon but I’ve still seen it multiple times, especially for all the costumes and details that they worked into every shot. My particular favorite is the ‘Land of 1,000 Dances’ scene where Sandy’s dresses (all vintage!) are used to show a passage of time by the shifting styles. Also her red cocktail dress with the bow – such a gorgeous outfit with such a sinister meaning (Sandy wrapped up like a present for the johns).

  3. I loved this movie even though it took… a strange turn. The opening scene where Sandie is breezily whirling around at the nightclub is a masterclass in film making. Also, I adore that white trenchcoat.

    And anything that highlights Dame Diana Effin’ Rigg is a treasure in my book (also, Sam Claffin’s gorgeous visage in a blip of a supporting role)

    (also Marionetta is hella catchy!)

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