17 thoughts on “WCW: Marquise de Pompadour

    1. Royal Affairs in Versailles (1954) is very fun, with the entire who’s who of the french cinema plus Claudette Colbert.
      But the costumes are crappy.

      1. the costumes are all “fifties does historical”. And Jean Marais as Louis XV, which always makes me giggle now.

  1. I don’t like any of the represantation of Madame de Pompadour. It’s astonishing how often she was portrayed, but never really brought to life again.

    1. I feel like Hollywood (at least in the US) and American audience aren’t that into 17th-18th century France story unless it involves Marie Antoinette.

    1. Congrats, you made it to Versailles level humor! That’s exactly what was whispered behind the marquise back, more or less loudly depending on your status.

  2. As beautiful as Sophia Myles is, I always got a bit hung up on the fact that she is very blue-eyed blonde ice queen and Pompadour had brown eyes and in all her portraits, she just looks so charming and roguish in a very specific way, which I didn’t quite get from the devastatingly beautiful Sophia Myles. I guess they cast Sophia because she and Tennant were an item at the time, because, chemistry.

  3. Vincent Perez is always the right answer. The fact that I don’t remember the question is beside the point.

  4. Funny that few adaptations follow her actual color code: she loved blue and pink and was known to wear them constantly, matching her coach ot her furnitures with her dresses

  5. Okay, having a 2 year old niece just made me think while seeing that first “fan fan “ photo is “Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse theme”. The one woman has red polka dots for kittens sake.

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