7 thoughts on “The Duchess Deep Dive: Maternity Party Dress

  1. Thank you for this deep dive. The Duchess is a favourite of mine and I definitely feel that each costume deserves a deep dive. I’m hoping the Fox Campaign Suit is next. I seem to remember that Georgina wore something very similar when she complained for Fox, who was the younger son of Lady Caroline Lennox Fox of the Aristocrats series)

  2. Love this deep dive! Those sleeves! The fur stole! The skirt! I continue to be impressed with the costume and hair designers on The Duchess and with your research!

    I’ve had a new interest in historical pregnancy fashions post-baby. When I was pregnant, I very quickly couldn’t fit in any of my pants, and started to think that skirts, especially high waisted or adjustable ones would be much more sensible for a woman who went through pregnancy many times in her married life.

    Post-pregnancy, I realize I am differently shaped, even after losing most of the baby weight, and I will never fit in those pre-baby skinny jeans again! With some minor sewing, I’ve updated some of my 1812 garb so that it fits my new shape, but to some of my costumes I’ve had to wish farewell, alas. Just an excuse for new costume sewing projects! (Though it’s harder to complete those sewing projects with a toddler running around…)

  3. Ooh, thanks for this. How interesting. Well spotted on the fabric reversal (I think you’re right on that for the petticoat).

  4. I don’t like the concept of the film. But that’s one of these very fine costumes there. Many thanks for all those details!

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