6 thoughts on “The Duchess Deep Dive: Maternity Dress

  1. I love this! The Duchess is one of my favorite frock flicks, and the 18th century one of my favorite periods for style. It’s fascinating to see how pregnancy was handled during that time.

  2. I don’t hate it. The petticoat is pretty. The flower/ribbon band seems a bit big. I’ve seen smaller ones and jewelled ribbons in portraits of the era usually by English and French painters.

    But what I really love and drool over is the mahogany Chippendale dining table and chairs.

    I enjoyed the movie and wand to get the blu-ray edition, if there is one.

  3. I’m not fond of the flower ribbon either, but its a nice dress for sitting at a table, not communicating much with your husband. What I always wondered is – do they really ate on the blank table without any table cloth on it?

  4. This is really interesting. I am not in love with the fabric, but the look is overall nice in my opinion. Also, I checked out the blogger who made herself a pregnancy corset and that was also very interesting. I really should watch this film, but I feel like rich people ruining their own and others’ lives in the 18th century is too sad for me right now.

  5. Love the discussion on historical maternity fashions! Pregnant women always look so wrong somehow in period drama (screaming at you, Poldark). Regarding corsets, I can attest as a former pregnant person that having something firmly laced around your belly/waist actually feels very very good and relieves a lot of muscle tension. They make wraps nowadays for that very purpose.

  6. It’s all so interesting, but why I’m forced to look then on Keira Knightley, who was just not looking or acting like the real duchess? Please could you not spend your focus on films without her?
    Why not looking at “Nicolas le Floch” (the French series which has similarities with “Brother Cadfael”) in deep or even on “Cartouche” (2009, I think some better work by the notorious Mr. Helmann).

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