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  1. Re: Jacquetta of Luxembourg, I think the earmuffs hairstyle was out of date by then being a 14th century fashion and her hair shouldn’t be showing at a under her hennin. Historical images I’ve seen have the hair completely hidden under elaborate hennins and escoffions. The dress worn with the hennin is the right style though but I have my doubts about the color. And the other dresses are pure fairy-tale.

  2. The film is fairly terrible, but Precious Bane is one of my favourite books of all time. Definitely recommend it.

  3. Wow, those are some beautiful costumes! I’d forgotten she was in that adaptation of Sense & Sensibility but she is so good in everything. I’m not a fan of the Branagh adaptations but I’d probably sit through As You Like It just to see her and Adrian Lester. I’m adding so many from this list post my to-watch list.

  4. I know it’s not a Frock Flick, but she was dynamite in Mrs. Pritchart as the seemingly evil, ruthless Tory MP. She was the best part of that amazing series.

  5. Love the Woman in Black for both the costumes and the scares. Her character is supposed to be depressed/mentally ‘fragile’ after losing her son in a drowning incident caused by the titular woman so hence the wandering around with the undone hair and night clothes in the daytime (undone hair on women of a certain time period is almost always a shorthand for rebelliousness or madness). Plus bonus Ciaran Hinds.

  6. I love McTeer in almost anything, although her performance as Vita Sackville-West might be my favorite. Also the only reason to watch “The White Queen,” if only for a couple of episodes. She reminds me at times of Fiona Shaw; has WCW every paid tribute to Shaw? (My husband would like this as well; he thinks Shaw and Thompson are goddesses.)

  7. I’ve been fascinated by her since Precious Bane…and Portrait of a Marriage of course. Vita was of course almost as unpleasant and manipulative as Anne Lister, but so dashing in this portrayal lol

  8. The National Theatre Live production actually starred Janet McTeer and Dominic West. She appeared in the role at the Roundabout Theatre with Liev Schrieber.

  9. The Philippa Gregory series deserve the snark mostly, but they’ve been generally quite good at casting. Rebecca Ferguson and Jodie Comer playing title characters were casting coups, even if the material did not live up to their talents, and there have been some gifted performers like McTeer in the smaller roles. However, the casting department seems to fall down on the male leads – Jeremy Irons’ charisma-less son and a couple bland, nameless male models types.

    1. I guess the bland male models were supposed to be make it relatable for some female viewers. I was quite disappointed by Max Irons, who was so unconvincing as a warrior king.

  10. I’m so happy there’s a WCW post on her, I find her truly unconventionally attractive and I’ve yet to see a performance of hers I don’t like.

  11. She is so talented. I will always have a soft spot for her as Nell in Wuthering Heights because I love that version. Like others have said, she’s fabulous in everything. Can I just say that I’m jealous of her because of the men she’s played against–Ciarin Hinds, Liev Schreiber, and Christopher Plummer (they had such great chemistry in The Exception). Great WCW choice!

  12. She is the definitive Nelly Dean for me – and Nelly is my favorite character in WH!

  13. Oh HOORAY!! I was so hoping you would do a McTeer WCW. I’ve loved her since The Black Velvet Gown.

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