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  1. I don’t know if this counts, but he was also in an episode of American Playhouse, an anthology series on PBS. He played Chris Keller in ‘All My Sons’, based on the Arthur Miller play, from the series American Playhouse

  2. Wow! I didn’t realise Quinn had done so many historicals. Fave is Haunted, because it’s one of those sneaky ones that gets you when you’re not looking, and was the first time I saw Kate Beckinsale.

  3. There aren’t really any fabulous costumes but he did play a lawyer in Evelyn (2002) in 1955 Dublin.

  4. doesn’t meet current rules, but I just know Desperately Seeking Susan is going to be a top resource for historical fashion fairly soon . . . I was a kid then, and it already feels like a completely different world !

  5. Love him in Avalon, love him in The Playboys, love him in Songcatcher (and hell, for good measure, love him in Elementary and Practical Magic). Just love him!

  6. Hm, some of these look like I should put them on my (increasingly long) list. I didn’t remember him being in The Mission, but his presence is relatively brief. That said, it’s a truly wonderful film, with one of the most beautiful scores. The film I recall him most from is Looking for Richard, where he has the part of the future Henry VII in some of the staged readings (it’s a great documentary about how actors approach Shakespeare–also highly recommend).

    Also, looking at his face approximately 20 times in a row now, does he not look quite a lot like Mikhail Baryshnikov? I know the accent differences might’ve been challenging, but it’s almost criminal they don’t seem to have been cast as relatives in anything. (Of course Baryshnikov being primarily a dancer could also be part of it, but gosh they look so similar!)

  7. That Tudor gown looks suspiciously like a repurposed institutional blanket – youth hostel, army barracks, that kind of thing.

  8. Like someone else said, I didn’t realize he had so many historical film credits. He is a good actor and sooo easy on the eyes. And yes, like you, I think his are soo beautiful and mesmerizing. Aside from his looks, I like his voice too. Good MCM choice!

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