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  1. I absolutely adore Ms Holliday Grainger. I believe she’s got an ideal face for period drama. My favourites are Lucrezia in The Borgias, Maria in Tulip Fever (literally her character goes from rags to riches and keeps her lady played by Alicia Vikander a friend.) Other favourites are Suzanne in Bel Ami, Estella in Great Expectations and Lady Chatterley.

    I’m going to have to find Anna Karenina and Merlin for her alone.

    My least favourite is Bonnie & Clyde bc I’m not a fan of gangster films.

    She’s great in modern day too. Her latest series Strike is based on the Cormoran Strike mysteries written by J. K. Rowling.

  2. As said above, a really wonderful physique for historical pieces. Rare to find someone that suits from renaissance upwards. I have one question, though: How is that beheading block supposed to work? I can’t see a way where the axe isn’t going to get stuck and make a mess of things. C’mon, this is NOT the time to do things half way!

    1. It’s one of the main reasons why French decided to use the guillotine instead in the 18th century lol.

      1. Yeah, I know, I am French (some would say exceedingly so). And when there wasn’t a pro around, it could turn into a literal hash. Still, it bothered me, so I went to check: Front and back of the block was slanted, but it was a flat surface! Good, because with that one you’re more likely to chop wood instead of neck.

  3. I cheered out loud when I saw this post.
    I have a gigantic crush on Holiday Grainger. I’ve watched Borgias and Bonnie & Clyde multiple times just for her.

  4. Yaaaay!!!
    I have the biggest woman crush on Holliday Grainger. She’s a wonderful actress and actually fits historical beauty ideals and has this innate grace mixed with a pinch of mischief, and is just plain gorgeous. I could go on for days…
    She and the costumes were about the only thing that made Tulip Fever enjoyable for me. I hope she makes many more historical films.

  5. Oh my God that purple dress as Estella! And I don’t even like that book or that period!

  6. Oooh, I love Holliday Granger! She’s just scrumptious, like marzipan, and the best face/physique for historical dramas – fell in love with her as Lucrezia and has been a fan ever since!

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