11 thoughts on “Answering Your Most Pressing Questions 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. Love this. Millions, no trillions of lol. Especially loved the Gibson-Heughan penis bit. Also the forks. But why not say forks is the auto-correct version of Frocks? 😇
    Also the Versailles bits.

  2. “facts about the white princess
    It was a book written by Philippa Fucking Gregory in 2013
    Which was adapted into a TV miniseries by Starz in 2017
    The costumes sucked royal ass”

    Water. Water in the nasal passages. Thank god it wasn’t coffee.

    1. Ditto.

      That made me laugh so hard.

      Frock Flicks Gals: This tempts me to search something weird / random just to troll you…

  3. NO I DIDN’T WANT TO SEE THE NIPPLE DRESS FROM OUTLANDER!! No, seriously guys, I don’t. It’s very bad for my blood pressure. Each time. As for the scatological obsession with Versailles, I have a theory: Envy, and a deep seated need to trash the place, even if only in legend. French Republican historians started it just to trash the “ancien régime”, but I must say other countries took that bit and ran with it!

  4. Love it!

    “keira knightley gets her corset laced too tight” It’s a plot point in Pirates of the Caribbean?

  5. Menstrual aprons are actually mentioned in a Your Wardrobe Unlock’d article called “Victorian Underwear Myths.” They were waterproof things tied on backwards to discourage staining.

  6. “nude stupid wednesday” oh my god I actually laughed out loud. I dont know what it means, but it resonates with me in ways I cant explain

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