5 thoughts on “The Merchant of Venice (2004)

  1. i remember this was one of the movies we watched in high school eons ago during english class and i thought charlie cox & joseph fiennes were hot LOOOOOL (also lowkey a coincidence that fiennes and jeremy irons are in this film, they’ve both played robert dudley at one point), other than that i can’t recall much about the film or the play itself (i was always more of a taming of the shrew kind of girlie)

  2. Seems to be a bit of a mixed bag, but the good costumes are very good indeed. Seconding you on Portia’s disguise. That is really well done.

    The only question is why did they name her after a car?

  3. I remember loving Al Pacino in the role, and nothing else. I can’t believe I forgot Irons is in it as I wuv him. Looking now at the pics of Portia I’m struck by how princessy she looks and how wrong that is not just for accuracy but for her character. Except in her doctor disguise, which is perfect. Also how much (and this is me speaking as a Jewish person) her appearance radiates gentile gentile def gentile that’s me!

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