5 thoughts on “MCM: Charlie Cox

  1. I made a very undignified squeak when I saw who was today’s MCM subject, and an even more undignified squeak when I saw that hint of his very fine butt!

  2. I was scrolling down, not really sure who he was…………..then I got to “Stardust” and I shouted “oh THAT Charlie”!

  3. Leonard Maltin used to have a show on Reelz where he featured a diiferent film each time. He wholeheartedly recommended Stardust, so my mom and I got it on DVD. We loved it (especially the part with Robert De Niro, you know what I mean). :)

  4. I saw him up close and personal in the play Betrayal – we were in the second row and he was sitting on the stage right in front of us!!!

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