9 thoughts on “The Buccaneers (2023), Episodes 1-4

  1. Wow! What an article. I shall have to go through it more thoroughly.

    My first reaction is that the costuming is just lazy.

    As for the feminist reworking, ‘Bridgerton’ was a modern take on a modern writer’s modern take on a time well in the past. Neither TV series, nor book were accurate to the period, but it doesn’t really matter very much. This, however, is a modern take on a book written about what women’s lives were really like in a certain place and period in history by an author who was living one of those lives. I want to know what it was like then; I already know what it is like now.

    1. Well said – as we’ve written about anachronistic feminism in frock flicks, it’s more legitimately feminist to show how womens’ lives were in the past to make a critique of that, instead of show women as magically liberated or rebelling in a modern way.

  2. They took away Conchita’s Brazilian accent and love for cigars, I guess in an effort to “humanize“ her, but it just removed her original vibrant personality that made her so lovable in the first place

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