5 thoughts on “A Haunting in Venice (2023)

  1. While that’s a lovely make-up job on Reilly, it’s wrong for the period, There shouldn’t be all that mascara and eye shadow on her lower lashes and her lipstick is perfect for right now, but not back then. Having said that, the costumes you picture are spot on and I love that Fey is in the cast. I’m sure she adds spark.

  2. The costumes do look beautiful, but they seem to have changed just about everything about the plot and slapped the same character names on entirely new people. I think my main complaint is that changing the murder victim from a child to an adult undercuts the horror of the crime in the book.

    1. I recently finished the book and have been wondering how it could work in the new setting. Now I know … but I’ll probably watch it anyway.

  3. Jamie was a knockout in this film! He’s a great actor when he’s not chained to the 50 Shades Trilogy! He’s much better than that icky Armie Hammer, anyways! What Agatha Christie book do you think should be adapted next?

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