22 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK RECAP: The Kent Chronicles pt. 4

  1. Whips out magnifying glass ( I truly did!) Not animal print, flowers… Not ones that ever graced the Earth, but flowers.

    And I’m not surprised Sonny and the other guy are best friends: They’re both epic douches!

  2. William Daniels will forever be the one true John Adams (and checking his wikipedia record, he’s also done JQA and Sam). My 1776 fandom feels acknowledged, lol.

    1. 100% agree. He would be the sole inducement to me to watch this. Except that the rest is so obviously horrible that just watching 1776 on repeat would be a better idea.

    2. Also what’s really crazy is that the High School where his character taught and principaled in Boy Meets World was called John Adams High School.

  3. I cannot believe they brought in THE William Daniels (1776’s John Adams himself) for this. Based on the screencap, the costume looks pretty similar to the one in 1776. The waistcoat and the cut of the jacket are different, but the color scheme is the same.

    1. And not just 1776–he was John Adams in The Adams Chronicles, an endless PBS production from about the same time!!

  4. I feel like the “plot” is just interludes between shag fests in this show. I find that annoying because it isn’t taking the past seriously, but maybe there’s fewer polysatins and velours to notice when it’s people under sheets? I mean, sheets are pretty hard to get wrong…

      1. I figure though mostly they probably just show white sheets? I hope? Not planning to suffer through this to find out!

  5. The books that the series were based on are basically shag and rape fests with a dash of American history. Pulpy filth that I found fascinating in middle school. Mr. Jakes’s books got passed around a lot.

    1. I read most of the series in the 8th grade after finishing Flowers in the Attic and Rosemary’s Baby. Cannot believe they had the entire series in our school library! As a library aide, I was able to find the best trash on the stacks.

  6. I feel kind of confused by the plot – mostly just shagging? Also, anyone else get the “off on a secret mission” song from Galavant playing in their heads once they were told about the special mission from George Washington?

  7. I can’t believe they actually brought in William Daniels for this! I had to do a caption double-take on the post, just to make sure you weren’t actually posting a picture from 1776!

  8. I alternate between FF’s Snark Week and SBTB’s Elyse Watches the Bachelor(ette) posts to laugh myself sick.

  9. Each day, I get to the day of the Kent Chronicles post and you promise us another – but wait, there’s more!

  10. I hate the fact that William Daniels is in this – because I love him as John Adams in “1776” and this weird miniseries does not deserve him.

  11. Wasn’t Kevin Tighe also in Emergency? I loved that show, had such a crush on Randolph Mantooth back in the day.

    And the zippers on those dresses — NOOOOO! I can’t decide if that’s worse than Tanya Tucker’s manicure, the bouffant hair, or the 1970s makeup.

  12. Williams Daniel is the best John Adams ever. In played him the stage version & film adaptation of 1776. Also, Mr. Feeney.

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