31 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Comments That Chap My Hide

  1. Just the fact that there was someone with the temerity to protest the use of Patreon is enough to finally push me over the edge. Donating out of sheer spite!

      1. SAME HERE. I say fuck them and I’m saying with with a small recurring monthly donation. I bet they also try to book bands by promising them exposure.

    1. I’ve always thought the delay on Patreon posts (watch the f** autocorrect change it back to patron while it’s sending) was a lagniappe to those who donate. Gosh! How selfish some can be.

    2. Woo! Great response, toranut97!

      That “How dare you have a Patreon” comment – Sheesh! Clearly 232 people were happy to support this site!

      Thank you for all the excellent work that you do, ladies!

  2. Thank you for calling out those who ask the ‘hive mind’ to do their research/homework. No, I am not going to give you the results of my years of academic research; and DO IT YOURSELF. Thank you from the bottom of my teeny, tiny heart.

    1. This always reminds me of the time I was looking for a particular journal article on tablet woven braids. I knew the name of the article, the journal and volume, and even which libraries in Australia had it. Trouble is none of those libraries were within easy driving distance or had electronic resources I could access. So I put a call out offering to pay photocopy and postage if I had to. People were lining up to help, and I was able to get an electronic copy from a friend of a friend.
      Someone else put up a request on the same email list asking for “stuff about Vikings” and was told to try Google.

    2. Srsly. If we know about something & it’s relevant, we’ll post it here! If we don’t, we’re not looking it up for someone. Or if it’s not relevant for this blog, maybe we’re using it for our own purposes & if so, we may be publishing it elsewhere, so use the googles like everyone else.

  3. … well, I feel like I’ve probably been guilty of a “what about this film” one. Sorry! Also, duly noted for the future.

    Also, how dare you guys run things as you like on your website! And not doing other people’s googling for them—preposterous. ;-)

  4. This is a random comment no doubt spurred by my insomnia (it’s 2am in Australia).
    In real life, Scarlett would probably ingested enough arsenic to kill her as she made the green dress from the curtains.

    1. That’s the kind of deep analysis I appreciate. Although now I will never look at GWTW the same way.

  5. I’m a member of a few professional community costume groups and the amount of posts that clearly should have been a Google or cursory search of group archives is obnoxious there, I can only imagine on how annoying it is on a blog of pure enjoyment.

    Nolite te Bastardes Carborund!

  6. I loved this post but what made me laugh out loud was all the tags at the bottom. Bless y’all and your collective snark!

  7. There’s patterns etal to make period clothes and there’s CostumeCon and other ways to source material and museums like the Met, LACMA, Les Arts Decoratifs, V&A, NGA, with online digital photos to form a basis to begin research. Asking for help is okay, but asking someone else to DO your work is obnoxious and shows a lack of real interest.

  8. I actually think your idea to put things behind a Patreon wall for a year is brilliant. Sure it’s mildly annoying for those of us who aren’t able to support you on Patreon, but I applaud you for your genius way of generating content for your supporters.

  9. It’s $2 a month for getting the articles on patreon. It just makes me think when Jessie Royce Landis exasperatedly says to Cary Grant in North by Northwest “Pay the two dollars!” I drop more in a vending machine at work a day than that (because I live a healthy lifestyle!) People are so easily bent out of shape.

  10. you NEED to know, how much I enjoy what you write and how much enjoyment I get out of your views. some folks just need to take a deep breathe, and relax. as well as do their own research, which I know some simply do not know how to do as their parents wrote ALL their papers while they attended school (and I mean from Jr. High to college.)

  11. I got one! A You Missed Out one! Because it’s one of my fave movies with the actor in question. And Richard III. You should totally switch than one off.
    Anyhow, yes, do it yourself. I write novels for a living (barely). I thought we had the best stupid questions, but maybe not.

  12. “Love!”

    And the person with the negative Patreon comments is seriously in need of a life or something.

  13. Yeesh that Patreon person is sad. Why do they care so much?! You guys create great, free content year round! People are so annoying.

  14. When people in the comments complain that film/series creators got something wrong when actually they got it right! Or vice versa – they praise a film/series for getting something right that is actually horribly wrong and inaccurate. Drives me batty.

  15. Nasty and/or arrogant personal attacks on you guys when the expert opinion provider has a different opinion or taste. This REALLY chaps me and makes me want to respond with equal nastiness, but I hold back grimly to show that I’ma better person.

  16. Everything you gals do and write is a gift. Thank you for everything. I will make one demand! Keep it up :)

  17. I just want to say how awesome you guys are. I’ve been reading for well over a year now, and the information I’ve gotten has proven to be quite invaluable as I write my own fantasy novel! French historical dress (mens), women’s riding outfits from 1867…everything I need, I can find a jumping off point from here (and from there, I know what to search for). Hell, I had a friend who was asking what the damned ruffled collar thing was called, and through here, I was able to not only tell her, but give her a link to this blog!

    Seriously, you guys are awesome!

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