17 thoughts on “MCM: Tuxedos – Happy New Year!

  1. Aren’t most of these full evening dress (white tie and tails) rather than the less formal dinner jacket (also called tuxedo)? They are all nice anyway!

  2. But only two of these – Gatsby and Jeeves & Wooster – show tuxedos (or dinner jackets, on this side of the Pond)! All the other stills are of people in white tie and tails, which is an entirely different order of dress.

    1. I think Morocco (1930), where she most famously wore a tux in a film, was set in the late ’20s / 1930, so it doesn’t really count as a historical costume movie.

    2. Oh, lord, yes! No one wore a tuxedo as well as Marlene. And I agree with Michael about the historical timeline.

  3. I would argue that by default any movie made before, say, 1940 is a costume movie. Which means most of them are probably historically accurate — unless they’re set in another historical period, then they’re fair game.

    1. Nope – we’ve addressed this in our FAQ before — https://frockflicks.com/what-is-historical-costume-movie-tv-show/

      Frock Flicks came about because we wanted to look at how historically accurate costumes are in film/TV. That rules out any productions set in their contemporary era because those are not historical costumes. There’s no challenge to “recreate” 1930s clothing when you made a film in the 1930s — but when you’re making a film in the 2010s & set a story in the 1930s, there’s a question of accuracy.

      1. Thank you! Somehow, Michael seems to have missed the point entirely, so I’m glad you explained what this site is about.

  4. Yes! Please do write a WCW for dear Julie and I can’t wait for the review of Victor Victoria, such a fun film with a few delicious costumes.

  5. Please when reviewing Victor/Victoria do not forget to mention how fabulous James!Garner!, Robert!Preston!, and Alex!Karras! were costumed in White Tie/Tuxedos. Not to mention their fabulosity period, along with the performance of Lesley Ann Warren. Thank you.

  6. Whatever Daniel Day Lewis was wearing in The Age of Innocence. HELL YES to that!! And also, just HELL YES to Daniel Day Lewis.

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