13 thoughts on “MCM: Stanley Tucci

  1. A Little Chaos, FTW! I don’t know why, but I thought he did more of those roles. Wishful thinking? :)

  2. Mr Tucci is generally a delight in any role, but my reaction to this list was generally “suit, nice suit, mean suit, MOUSTACHE …” right up to his delightfully bewigged Monsieur d’Orleans, which point I thought “More please!”

    Mr Tucci should obviously be given more work from the Cavalier century, but one would also love to see him do Rococo – I bet he’d nail the Louis XV or Louis XVI look quite as well as the Louis XIV.

  3. It’s a toss up between “The Big Night” and “Julia sans Julie.” I love my food movies.

  4. I loved him and Oliver Platt (and really most of the cast) in 1998s The Imposters. An adorable period piece!

  5. Anything, anything! But if I must choose, “The Big Night” — it resonates with his own love of food.

  6. OMG!!! I didn’t realize how much I NEEDED a Stanley Tucci MCM until now. EXCELLENT CHOICE!! Wow, I’ve seen him in several of these movies but didn’t remember he was in them. Of course, I think that Stanley Tucci is attractive, but until drooling over the pics in this post I, I forgot just HOW attractive he is. The pic of him in the undershirt from the 90s film. Whoa!!! Anyway, to answer your question, without doubt my favorite of his FrockFlick roles is Big Night. I wish y’all would review it here, but I know y’all are primarily interested in women’s clothes and the men are the stars of that show. Thanks for this one. A lovely Monday pick me up!

  7. He was a harpsichord for most of the Beauty and The Beast! He does get awesome in 18th C. court Makeup tho!

  8. Another lovely Tucci role — Dr. Abraham Erskine in Captain America: The First Avenger. His is a small but pivotal role, in the beginning of the film, that takes place in the buildup to WWII.

  9. He’s so excellent across every one of these, it is damn hard to choose a favorite. I remember Big Night being absolutely fab (need to rewatch!) but I think I particularly loved him as Paul Child and then as Jack Warner. But oh, the fop role in A Little Chaos!

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