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  1. I think in ‘Big Night’, it’s not the opening of their restaurant. They are already open and failing against the other Italian restaurant with the mediocre food. The ‘big night’ is the hope that a promised celebrity will come in and give them positive publicity. Ian Holm is the other restaurant owner. Isabella Rosselini is the ambiguous girl friend (whose side is she on?).

  2. Re: Addams Family Values. Jorge and his sailors hang with Debbie during one of her attempts to kill Fester, they sing Macho Man and … that’s about it. I think it’s set vaguely in the late 80s/early 90s.

    1. It’s actually present-day (1993), based on a joke about “serial killer” trading cards (it was a thing at the time) featuring then-notorious “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher (who actually shot and wounded– but did not kill– her lover’s wife). It’s one of those “OMG!-funny” jokes that didn’t age well and is now probably incomprehensible tothe majority of viewers.

      Love Tony Shalhoub, though!

    2. I still remember his line. “Your husband is a lucky, lucky man.” and Debbie responds, “DON’T SAY THAT.”

  3. A wonderful actor. Not a Frock Flicks selection, but he accomplishes a miracle in “Monk” by playing someone with serious mental health problems, completely respectfully but also funny.

  4. Love Tony Shalhoub. Great actor and great choice for MCM. Barton Fink is such a good film, dark and funny.

    I also love Big Night (1996).

    “I don’t say it rain inside, I say OUTside.”
    “Well you don’t have to say outside because it can’t rain inside.”

    “… … …What the f*ck?”

    It’s like America’s answer to the brilliant Babettes gæstebud (Babette’s Feast) (1987).

  5. I remember watching Big Night and The Imposters right around the same time (Blockbuster rentals!) and loving both, especially thanks to Tony Shalhoub. I love him on MMM, too, especially his scenes with Kevin Pollak.

  6. He is such a good actor, and handsome in his own unique way. Of the roles listed here, I loved in Big Night. Great MCM choice. I’m 100% here for mature men!!

  7. I love Tony Shalhoub but I hadn’t heard of The Imposters, I must look for it! And I LOVE Big Night, one of the best food movies of all time. Also love him as Abe Weissman in MMM.

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