23 thoughts on “Top Five Shows I Totally Plan to Watch in 2023 Even if it Kills Me

  1. I bought ‘Mrs Harris’ for our Xmas film, and we were not disappointed. It doesn’t rock any boats, but it’s very charming and OMG those dresses and the peek into an atelier. WONDERFUL

  2. Mrs. Harris goes to Paris is a great feel-good watch; I’ve seen it twice now. I also love how in addition to the gorgeous Dior dresses, they show such a great gamut of working class to upper class clothing, without making Mrs. Harris and her friend look dowdy – proof that working class women and men (hello Jason Isaacs) still dressed well within their means.

  3. Another vote for “Mrs. Harris” here – it’s absolutely charming, and I loved the look at the inner workings of a couture house.

  4. Agree completely with Boxermom, thedementedfairy (Username of the Year) and Kat. “Mrs. Harris” will not disappoint, and PFG is always good for a snicker.

  5. This may not be a popular opinion but I really like The White Queen because I like the actors and I’m interested in the War of the Roses and the history behind it. This, of course, says nothing about the costumes.

  6. I’m highly in favor of ALL of these!!! Don’t scream at me (because I know y’all watch a TON of material to cover for this blog), but have you thought about ALSO watching the Angela Lansbury version of Mrs ‘Arris Goes to Paris from 1992? I think it would be really interesting to do a comparison and contrast between how the 1992 and 2022 films were costumed, which is right up Frock Flicks’ alley. Never heard of Feud before but each actress is amazing, and now I’m going to add that one to my radar. I also haven’t yet watched Hyde Park on the Hudson, but I’m in favor of anything that showcases Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a badass in her own way, even the very sweet film Dear Eleanor (which more people should see and which stars Josh Lucas–who needs to have his own MCM post)!

    1. I loved the original Mrs. ‘Arris! That’s why I can’t bring myself to watch the newer one. :)

  7. I’m looking forward to the Truman Capote centered season of ‘Feud’ that’s supposed to come out this year.

  8. As the only Bette Davis fan I have ever met in person, I loved Feud very, very much. It would be wonderful to read your take on it and I am really looking forward to these posts!

    1. I love Jessica Lange in almost everything but, try as I might, I just couldn’t quite believe her as Joan Crawford. Not that I wanted her to go full Faye Dunaway, but Lange somehow lacked Crawford’s hard edge.

    1. TWQ was a mixed bag of vaguely Renaissance-ish, nubby linen for the peasants, and shitty velvet! That is, when they bothered to wear anything! ;) I don’t remember much of the plot. I remember some rubbish bout Elizabeth actually using witchcraft!!! WTAF!

      1. Elizabeth Woodville’s mother, Jacquetta, was accused of witchcraft in a blatantly obvious political attack. She was of course innocent but PFG decided to run with it .

  9. I enjoyed WQ first go around but found it terribly cheezy on rewatch. Young Master Irons is dishy though.

  10. In the first WQ photo, why is the guy on the right holding a golden slipper? Some sort of Cinderella vibe?

  11. Personally, at least The White Queen is rather enjoyable. The White Princess is trash, comparing.

  12. That particular Feud was SO GREAT – Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange are perfect. Looking forward to seeing takes on all of these!

  13. I would love to see the new Netflix Italy show “The Law According to Lidia Poeta” covered. It’s set in Italy in the late nineteenth century and the clothes are gorgeous. I’m particularly curious about the accuracy of the lead’s hairstyles, since they often have her in updos that look a bit strange to me, which leads me to wonder if they are trying more for accuracy than appealing to modern styles.

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