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  1. I haven’t seen Allied, but her outfit in that photo makes me want to!! Love the New Look jacket.

    1. She has great outfits! I need her hat! I’ve looked for years but can’t find a similar one.

  2. Brad Pitt isn’t a bad actor, but when you see him up against Peter O’Toole in Troy you see the difference between Great and adequate.

  3. Legends of the Fall was the first Brad Pitt movie I saw when I was 12 on HBO. I watched it because I was in love with a promotional image of Brad that had been turned into a poster. Was it appropriate for a girl at that age to watch it? Maybe not, but it certainly was fun. That same year was when I saw Interview With the Vampire, with those lovely costumes, and Tom Cruise making me love vampires. 1995 was a good year.

  4. If I’ve seen him in a frock flick, I’ve blocked him out. He’s on a list of men who’s branded a sex icon, I can’t see why, and thus avoid.

    1. Come for the Pitt Butt, stay for Eric Bana in full on Trojan Prince swagger.

      Also Saffron Burrows in Illium-chic gowns and jewels as Princess Andromache!

      1. THIS. While Brad Pitt certainly looked hot (as usual), Eric Bana was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL in this movie.

  5. He was actually really good in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” I’d watch another movie of him playing Jesse James, no problem. But if I’m really honest, I adored him as Louis in “Interview with a Vampire.”

  6. A River Runs Through It also features the wonderful Emily Lloyd in lots of period cute outfits and hats!

  7. Tree of Life tore me up. It may be overwrought, but I have never had a movie hit me like that one did.

  8. Usually if Interview with a Vampire is on a list of movies from which I’m asked to pick my favorite, I will pick Interview with a Vampire.

  9. Hard agree about liking about every third Tarantino film, I’m pretty much over him. I did rather like Inglourious Basterds, though, mostly because of Christoph Waltz. Brad Pitt’s scenes were really over the top. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was an absolute MESS.

  10. I’ve never been a huge Pitt fan. He’s a somewhat boring actor but I don’t have a visceral reaction to him the way I do with Tom Cruise. It’s completely off topic but I do appreciate that Brad Pitt told Harvey Weinstein to keep his hands off of his then girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow. He’s one of the few men in Hollywood that confronted that rat.

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