25 thoughts on “MCM: Sir Walter Raleigh

  1. So happy to see Simon Jones in Blackadder II. I was hoping to see him before I scrolled down.

    1. Reminds me–now that I’ve got a new working telly and a DVD player adapter, I can dig out my Blackadder collection!

    2. I love Queenie’s “So WHAT o REALLY?!” and nursey laughing. That Black Adders episode was incredible. but then they all were!

    1. Nicholas Selby and Michael Lindell are my favourites. And I can let you borrow my Season 1 of Discovery of Witches, if you need to.

  2. I found “Discovery of Witches” on Prime. I’m still weighing watching it, strictly because of this blog.

  3. Listen, Raleigh is all well and good, but considering Christopher Marlowe is one of my all-time historical crushes (seriously, to those who don’t know, look him up! His life was fascinating), I feel the need to defend him here that nothing he wrote was “romantic crap”, and certainly not typical. ;-)

      1. I quite enjoy them as a pair, as I first encountered them in high school. I think I was rather taken with the sappy love side from Marlowe, but I could see that the nymph made some good points (and in a witty way to boot). I did write an alternative reply poem in which the nymph says she doesn’t want any of the fluff promises but actually just loves the shepherd. I wonder if I have it somewhere–it would be interesting to see what I think of it almost 20 years later!

  4. I’m afraid the desire to watch Discovery of witches ended for me when they said it was a medieval Twilight! BLAH!

    1. I’ve only seen the first episode, but I’ve read the first two books. I will freely admit that they can be a bit hokey in places, and I find the central relationship somewhat problematic. However, medieval Twilight they are not. The history is by far the best part and seems to be meticulously researched.

  5. Richard Todd was my first Raleigh and I still love him, although Clive Owen has the right dash.

  6. I’m drooling over his portraits. I want a movie about Raleigh and his pearls, dangit!

  7. Thank you so much for always including Blackadder where applicable. That show is the absolute best, and deserves all of the love it can get <3

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