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  1. Oh do see An Education! It’s a good movie and I think you’ll be able to cope with any creepiness. And such a good cast! loved Fingersmith and Tipping, too.

  2. Nope. If she’s in it, I won’t watch it. Too creeped out by most of her performances, which may mean she’s a good actress! Her Anne Elliot performance was unforgivable and her Shape of Water role left me with “What the hell was that?”

  3. I like her version of Persuasion, though she plays Anne very differently than Amanda Root did (honestly, it’s the rest of the cast that sells the story for me, but Sally Hawkins’ way of showing just how much Anne had curled into herself over the years is solid). So many good movies on this list! I need to see The Hollow Crown, but damn that headdress is distracting.

  4. I must say, that photo of her in the 2011 Jane Eyre is just so much fabulousness! Which is not something one can generally say of that Victorian style with those weird lacquered hair-strip thingies. What are those even called?

    (in the shot from the Painted Veil – is that a brunette Naomi Watts?)

  5. Loved, loved, loved the movie, The Painted Veil. Edward Norton is so very hot, and the chemistry between he and Naomi is through the roof. The story is sad, yet, has a satisfying and triumphant ending. The costumes are gorgeous. You have to watch it Sarah. Sadly, I don’t remember Sally at all.

  6. I haven’t seen Byron yet (though it looks pretty good), but she seems like a great choice for Mary Shelley! I can totally see her capturing the intelligence and the quiet intensity, and she’s got a good look for it, too.

  7. Least favourite was ‘Persuasion’. It earned much mockery from fans of the book, not least for the run through Bath in search of Captain Wentworth. I kept wanting to shout at Sally Hawkins to close her mouth as it seemed to be hanging open through much of the film. Above all though was that Sally Hawkins’ portrayal of Anne Elliot couldn’t hold a candle to Amanda Roots’ lovely one.

  8. There’s lots of good stuff to choose from here. My favorite movie overall here is Jane Eyre. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!! As for Sally Hawkins, she’s barely in that movie. As for her prominent roles, she was excellent in The Shape of Water and Fingersmith. Persuasion is my fave JA novel, too, and I haven’t seen her version of it. There are lots of projects here that I want to see because she is SO talented. A great WCW choice! Also, I don’t think that’s her pictured in profile in HG Wells’s War of the Worlds.

  9. Yes please to that Tipping The Velvet full review! I haven’t actually seen Fingersmith, but my copy of the book (which I will hang onto forever, for sentimental reasons) has a still from the series on the front, so I’m almost inclined to say that one.

  10. Shame you didn’t give us her brief hippie-biker-chick flashback moment from Paddington…

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