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  1. He’s great! I knew him from All Creatures, but I hadn’t realized how many things I’ve seen him in!

  2. Cambridge Spies is fantastic and a joy to watch. And his Sigfried in All Creatures is a gem. I only compared him with Sir Robert Hardy only once or twice regarding the horse scenes. Garrow’s Law he was so pretty but controlling. No wonder his wife left him for Garrow. There are several I need to see.

  3. Thank you for putting the name and the face together. Ill vote for Jonathan Strange, but it’s certainly not the only one.

  4. Two things: First, the timing of the new “All Creatures” couldn’t have been better, in the dark days of 2020, and I loved him in it. Second, I’m coming round to the belief that everyone looks better in 1930s clothing.

  5. It’s funny but some of the pics from his younger roles really show how the All Creatures casting team is excellent. The brothers really do look alike.

    1. Thank you. In my youth I did living history demonstrations as a male soldier with an artillery unit. I pulled the lanyard often to make the cannon go boom (rounds were powder only, no cannon balls). We measured our success by the number of car alarms that went off. FYI, I also made my uniforms and those of my spouse with hand bound buttonholes.

  6. He also played Caspian in the 80s TV version of the Chronicles of Narnia. I feel like that was played repeatedly during days too rainy for recess when I was in elementary school.

    1. Oh my goodness! I loved that BBC adaptation of Prince Caspian, and he was wonderful in it. Samuel does have the most beautiful voice, like Alan Rickman he is instantly recognisable the moment he opens his mouth. So many great roles, but Cambridge Spies and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell both stand out.

  7. Fine actor. He’s got one of those faces that lends itself perfectly to period films. I think I first noticed this in Howards End (1992).

  8. I love him for Garrow’s Law and All Creatures! He’s also great voice actor, I’ve listened to few radio plays with him, and loved it; he was Henry V in Shakespeare’s adaptation for the radio too, and nailed it, especially in scenes with Catherine.

    1. Oooh I’ve just downloaded this from the library! His audiobook recordings are wonderful also.

  9. He’s also a terrific stage actor – I have happy memories of seeing him as Hamlet and Richard II with the RSC.

  10. Loved him in the heartbreaking role of Leonard Bast. His walk in the woods through a carpet of bluebells has made me want to find that place and take that walk ever since. Also enjoying him in the new Creatures Great and Small.

  11. Seem him in many things. LOVE him in All Creatures. I also like his voice; I find it so soothing.

  12. All Creatures is moving to the top of my to watch list. He’s in so many things I’ve enjoyed, I’m not sure what I’ve enjoyed most.

  13. Hip, hip, hooray!! I’ve wanted a Samuel West Man Candy Monday ever since All Creatures Great and Small came out. I first noticed him soooo many years ago in Howard’s End and I think he’s matured so nicely. He’s very handsome in All Creatures. It’s hard for me to choose a “favorite” because I like everything I’ve seen him in–both as overall projects and for his work. So I guess my favorites are ALL of them! He also “plays” an excellent and hilarious Mr. Elton in a reader’s version of Emma for an intellectual debate called “Jane Austen vs. Emily Bronte The Queens of English Literature Debate.” Elinor Tomlinson (of Poldark fame) plays Emma. The whole debate is good, but I really loved the readers’ interpretations by the professional actors: https://youtu.be/mP8dllTkpEg?t=1659

  14. Love his work. I first saw him in 1995’s Heavy Weather, based on the 1933 PG Wodehouse novel about the kooky residents of Blandings Castle (also starring Frock Flicks Favorites Peter O’Toole, Judy Parfitt, and Richard Briers). He plays the innamorato, Monty Bodkin, who has to find and keep a job in order to prove to his girlfriend’s father that he is a worthy suitor. I have such a hard time with Sam West in serious roles, because every time I see him, I hear “Gertrude Butterwick: B for blister, U for ukelele…”

    1. I love the Blandings books and I would pay good money to watch this! Sadly I don’t think it’s available anywhere, streaming or otherwise. :-(

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