26 thoughts on “Oh the Bad Movies & TV You’ll Watch 6!

  1. “Based on a true, supposedly fascinating story” — I love this line and I hope you don’t mind my stealing it. It’s a particularly delightful way of damning with faint praise. I shall also take the pass recommendations to heart.
    One quick thing—the names got swapped in the Becket description. Peter O’Toole is Henry II and Richard Burton is Becket. :-)

  2. There’s a weird lore explanation which is that supposedly the assassin’s never actually wore the white robes with the beaked hoods, it’s just the animus’ way of highlighting the assassin’s to make them more visible, but no one believes that. It’s the same thing for “why does Ezio have an Italian accent, when he’s speaking in italian?” It exists, but everyone in the fandom thinks it’s bullshit.

    I’ve been an AC fan for a long time, and we’ve all come to accept the series’ idiosyncrasies, but all of us HATED the movie.

  3. Nope, nope, nope – I saw ‘Clue’ when it first came out, and I just watched it again a few months ago. I still love it. (Yes, that love may have a lot to do with Tim Curry, but I still think it holds up.)

    1. Me too! We watched it a couple months ago with a friend who’d never seen it. She laughed, we laughed. Maybe it’s not everyone’s idea of a good time.

  4. You need to check out Norsemen: Norway’s hilarious answer to the garbage that was Vikings.It was filmed simultaneously in both Norwegian and English, so the English version isn’t dubbed. The costumes are amazing, with some authentic and others takeoffs on the atrocities in Vikings.

    The second season will hit Netflix in the fall.

  5. I was forced to watch Clue at a sleepover as a young teen and spent the entire time staring blankly at it, wondering why everyone was laughing, since it wasn’t remotely funny to me.

    Ditto on “Genius.” If you want me to tune out, that’s how to do your first episode. Said, “What a jerk,” never went back.

  6. Norsemen, thanks for the suggestion. It will give me something to watch between Outlander episodes.
    Did you see Episode 1 of Season 3?

  7. Yup gave up on Genius and Making History.

    Tried to read the Bond books after watching Fleming, but no. Talk about boring.

  8. If you gave up on Clue after 20 minutes, then you totally missed out. It starts out serious and gradually unravels as it goes on until it goes totally off the rails as broad comedy with the three different endings. A bonus is that, as the movie gets crazier, Madaline Kahn strips off layers of clothing to reveal a sassy strapless number under that jacket.

    1. Seconded! Clue makes me howl every time, but I admit that the first time I watched it I basically squinted at it until the zaniness began . . and then I got it. Now it just fills me with delight. There’s also quite a few quotable lines in there as well. . . “Please! There are ladies present!”

    2. I agree! Y’all should give it another chance. If you really need to, just fast forward to the part where Mr. Body dies. Slow start but it works up quickly and doesn’t slow down again.

      1. Trust me, I don’t understand why Kendra & Trystan don’t see the genius of Clue, but then again, we all three don’t always like the same things. But a Clue review will happen eventually, because even though the costumes don’t really stand up, IT’S STILL FREAKING GENIUS.

  9. I saw Beckett on stage in London many years ago and enjoyed it but there is a different dynamic in theatre and it starred Derek Jacobi. Must say I have never felt inspired to go looking for the film.

    1. The movie is magnificent. O’Toole and Burton are perfect. I was introduced to the play in its original French, and the movie captures Anouilh’s dialog very well.

  10. “Cafe Society” was set in the 1930s and a waste of my time. I tried “Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond”. I tried.

  11. Ah, Fleming…

    Whatever else is wrong with it, the historically accurate portrayal of the Nazi-supporting publisher of the Daily Mail was priceless. And it does totally provide context for James Bond.

    (On that note, a friend of mine wrote a fabulous article about how James Bond parody Sterling Archer is less of a sexist womanizing alcoholic than James Bond. Footnoted and everything.)

  12. The mini series last year about the Alamo, with the late Bill Paxton was dreadful. Filmed in the desert, it was geographically wrong. Bad melodramatic script and characters . So awful, I have no true recollection of the costumes. I kept waiting for it to get better. It didn’t.

  13. Gotta state my LOVE for Clue from the 80s up until the present day!! Beautiful. Quotable. Lovable. I was a blank slate for the world of Assassin’s Creed, and I enjoyed it enough to want a sequel–but that’s not gonna happen since it made like $10 at the box office and was widely reviled. I watched the entire Fleming mini-series (2 or 3 episodes). It came off as a low-rent television production.Plus you could tell that Dominic Cooper was acting in every scene. That said, it was sometimes interesting and though mostly annoying how much they tried to force a parallel between everything in Fleming’s life with everything in the James Bond universe.

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