5 thoughts on “MCM: James Wilby

  1. Fav is Bertie and Elizabeth. He didn’t go overboard on the speech impediment and was impeccably dressed. Even though King George told him to button his vest. And he held his own against the actresses playing the Queen Mum and Queen Mary. You just knew he was SO MUCH BETTER than icky David.

  2. He is such a good actor, and he really has a “period” look. I still haven’t seen Maurice!!! But I will finally get around to it in 2023, I promise!

  3. It’s not really fair to call Ismay a villain. Personally I take my opinion from that of survivor Jack Thayer, who did not get onto a boat and survived by luck and his own initiative. Thayer said that Ismay had a perfect right to get into a boat, as it was going and had empty seats. Adding one more dead man to the total would have been pointless. If Jack Thayer had no problem with Ismay nobody else has a right to criticize.

  4. I need to see more of his work! Maurice is absolutely amazing, I was under the influence of that film for weeks after watching it.

  5. I loved him in Gosford Park, I should definitely rewatch it! Also remember him from Howards End, Maurice and A Handful of Dust. He’s all over those literary adaptations, isn’t he? Rupert Graves, James Wilby and Hugh Grant are like a BBC trifecta!

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