11 thoughts on “MCM: Jamie Dornan

    1. Yes and no, apparently. Wikipedia: “It is a quasi-contemporary retelling of the Robin Hood legend, and follows his training by John to steal from the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

      IOW, throw a lot of presumed “cool shit” at a movie screen and see if it will bring fanboys to a theater.

      (Answer: Hell, NEWP– it couldn’t even make back its production costs.)

  1. Extraordinary how many films and series get made but under-seen (especially during the last few years, of course). I’m still trying to find “Come Away.”

    1. Yum. He was HOT in Death and Nightingales tho not the most likeable character.

  2. He was wonderful in “Belfast.” I didn’t recognize him. I’d seen the contemporary series “The Fall” with him and Gillian Anderson and I hated his acting. When I saw “Belfast,” not recognizing him, I was very impressed.

  3. I’ve only seen Belfast which I loved, and Marie Antoinette, which was so long ago I didn’t even know he was in it! Must go back and rewatch it.

    1. I remember crushing hard on that charming Swedish (?) officer in that scene and I am astounded to learn that was HIM. I get, Marie A., I totally totally get it.

  4. He plays all these serious roles, I was really surprised to watch Barb and Star (not a frock flick, though the costuming is delightful) and find out he does a great job with comedy as well.

    Also, his ass belongs in a museum. That is all.

  5. I haven’t seen any of these and barely know his work at all. (Yes, I think I’m the only person on the planet who has never seen Marie Antoinette.) As far as his appearance, I find him intermittently appealing.

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