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  1. I really loved this movie too. There was something so simple and classy about Caitríona’s costumes that I just loved.

    1. Yes. They were simple and chic, and of course it helps that they were worn by Catriona Balfe. I am very curious what colors they were. In my head they’re groovy colors like mustard, avocado or burnt orange.

      1. I was born in the mid-1960s and I have distinct memories of this color combination, very trendy and we had wallpaper in our house these colors. But my mother always referred to mustard as “harvest gold.” Just for fun I googled “1970s colors” and that’s the name it was given by Pantone so there you are.

  2. I think I’ll have to see this one. My grandmother and great-grandmother were from Belfast and came to America in the 1930’s. They never spoke about their lives in Ireland; they just wanted to forget, I suppose.

  3. It was a lovely movie – and the costumes did seem perfect, I was never distracted by them being inaccurate which is saying something for a period I personally remember living through.

  4. I’m from Belfast (living in the US now but moving home next year) and went to see it in the cinema when it came out. I sobbed through the whole thing. I just love my wee home, and the people who have been through so much!

  5. There’s a song called “The Town I Loved So Well” that’s about childhood in Ireland, and the effects of the British occupation there. While it’s about another city, it’s so very relevant.
    Years ago, I got a copy of Jim Branigan(sp?)’s version, so it’s the one that sticks in my mind most.

  6. I adored this movie. I read some criticism that it was overly sentimental, but I disagreed. Not every film has to do everything, and it’s a lot more of a love letter in my opinion, with a light but deft hand on some complicated things. Happy to see it here. :-)

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