10 thoughts on “1940s Chic in Red Joan & The Aftermath

  1. Ok, I need 40s knitwear to come back, or, conversely, to vastly improve my knitting skills. I’m not sure I have the figure for them, but I just love them. Does anyone else follow Angela of Walking Through History? She does amazing stuff from all sorts of periods, but she seems to do a lot of 1940s for regular daywear, and her mom knits her these amazing vintage pattern sweaters. So gorgeous. Current fashion trends seem to be pulling from all sorts of eras—maybe the 30s-40s can get in on that action (beyond ModCloth, which tends more 50s-60s from what I can tell anyway).

  2. I think you’ve sold me on Red Joan! I’m going to have to check it out. And I’m loving the realistic clothing with subtle details that would have been very apropos to that time. Hooray!

  3. Reading the designer’s idea for “The Aftermath” vs. the actress and director’s ideas reminds me of a video by Karolina Zebrowska. In it is a history buff vs. director vs. designer. Guess who guess shouted down the most.

  4. I Loved the Gold dress! Although They could’ve added a gold Puffed sleeve ruched evening jacket to make it a teensy bit more 1940’s! The perfect 1940s Yellow/Gold dress was in Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society!

  5. I recently watched Red Joan and loved it. That Sonia though shakes fist angrily I thought everyone was casted so well, especially Tom Hughes who played Leo with such charisma. But the costumes were perfection and the set designs as well!

    I also watched the Aftermath on your suggestion and that coat is the beginning heart eyes I love all the coats!

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