20 thoughts on “Historical Costume Movie/TV Trailers: Summer Fiesta!

  1. Several of these BBC productions have already aired, and will air on PBS; though PBS seems to think we don’t know they haven’t aired (or haven’t found other means to watch them), even thought they are co-producers. I am getting so tired of this!
    Thanks for the airdates for the movies …. looking forward to several.

  2. What richness, as Jo March would say. Can’t wait to see “The Happy Prince.” (Has Stephen Fry ever been on M.C. Monday? He was a superb Wilde in a rather tepid bio-pic some years ago.) And “The Aspern Papers” with Redgrave and daughter?!

    1. Oh, yes, I forgot The Happy Prince! Considering Everett is writing, directing and staring as the main character, I have a feeling it’s a very… Personal movie.

  3. I’m curious what season two of “Anne with an ‘E'” will be like. Will it become a flat out “in name only” show, or still take ideas from the book series?

    1. I wish it would stop pretending to care about the original material at all. What a disappointment that show was.

    2. I don’t know which of those two options is less bad; that show is such a disappointment and is really not at all in line with the spirit of AoGG at all. But it’s “gritty” so there’s that. Ugh.

  4. The Aspern Papers look really good (I don’t hate Johnatan Rhys Meyers, so that might be a factor), so does Madamoseille Paradis and The Man Who Killed Don Quijote. The Miniaturist is an adaptation of the book, which I’d like to read before I get to watch it. And I really look forward to Robin Hood, because it looks like a trainwreck of Guy Richie’s King Arthur proportions!

  5. Here’s hoping we actually get to see The Man Who Killed Don Quixote! Apparently terry gilliam lost the rights to the film in a legal battle with a producer who didn’t actually give him any money.

  6. There are so many flicks/tv shows that I want to watch. They are in no particular order: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Happy Prince, The Miniaturist, Versailles Season 3 (where McM abound), Aspern Papers, Outlander Season 4 with Sam + Rollo, Mlle. Paradis, Mary Poppins (would love a Hamilton musical movie), and Mary Poppins Return (Sandy Powell)

  7. I’ve seen the Robin Hood trailer: run, don’t walk,to the nearest exit. Matt Easton, historical fencing teacher, weapons collector and arms & armour historian, ran it on his YouTube site. Scary awful! (the trailer, not the site.)

  8. I’m interested in Guernsey Literary, and curious about Christopher Robin. Not sure about may of the others. I am still laughing about Robin Hood—is there a way to add more scare quotes to “historical”? :-)

    Anne with an E was a horrible abuse of the original material that I will not be watching. I didn’t make it 3 episodes before I decided I was done with child abuse porn that really missed the point of the original books. It was such a shame because they had so many excellent elements in play—excellent production design, good cast—and yet it’s like whoever wrote it took a 3 line synopsis of Anne and welded it onto Oliver Twist or something, and then didn’t have the discipline to avoid going over the top. So disappointing. The one good thing is that it inspired me to go back to the source material—and as I suspected, they really just got AoGG very, very wrong. I’m happy to recommend Rachel McAdams’ audiobook version from Audible.

    I am torn on The Current War… I like BC but he never really seems to set in an American accent. Also, are you sure that’s Jake Gyllenhaal?

    1. You are right dear Nzie, Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t in The Current War. That’s Michael Shannon.

  9. “Damsel” looks absolutely hilarious and pretty interesting. As for a lot of the other films/TV shows? I’m honestly shocked there’s nothing about Henry VIII and his six wives here. Some of them are just blatant reiterations of the same old books and stories that they keep remaking every 10 to 15 years. I’d like to see more historical costume dramas about different stories, from different regions, and different times.

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