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  1. Hmm… I actually think that her sister, Gemma Redgrave, looks more like their mum. You should do one on her! She was in Howard’s End, but I don’t know if she’s been in any other period pieces. She is in the reboot of Doctor Who though.

    1. Gemma Redgrave—daughter of Corin Redgrave—is Joely’s cousin, not her sister, and Vanessa is not her mother.

      1. Joely’s sister was Natasha Richardson, who also had a pretty good period movie career before her tragic death in 2009.

        1. Yes, she was, but Joely looks more like her mum than Natasha did. However, either way, Vanessa is not Gemma Redgrave’s mother; she’s her aunt.

        1. Jemma Redgrave was in another period offering, the late 1890s series “Bramwell” in which she plays a woman doctor who runs a charity clinic in London. I enjoyed it all in all, though it was a little clunky in spots.

    2. Jemma Redgrave with a J – and she’s done quite a lot of period drama. She was in the Victorian lady doctor thing – Googles – ah yes, “Bramwell”, and there’s quite a lot of frock flicks in her oeuvre, mostly TV movies.

      1. I remember Bramwell. Not a bad start, but it got way too soapy for me as it progressed.

        And thanks for the spelling correction; I had forgotten that variation and was thinking about Gemma Craven, who does spell it with the more traditional G.

      2. Oops, only just noticed someone got there before me, sorry for the repeat info!

  2. Joely’s version of Catherine Parr was one of like 3 saving graces of The Tudors – she played her so warm, yet shrewd and stately (the real saving grace was Natalie Dormer, of course, who played Anne Boleyn with the graceful cunning of a panther… in cheap velvet and floating ruffs…. but a graceful panther nonetheless!!)

  3. SHINING THROUGH. I have SUCH a soft spot for that movie! I’ve thought about doing it for Snark Week, except the costumes aren’t that bad — it’s more the production values (and Melanie Griffith!).

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