16 thoughts on “Just How Bad Is The Devil’s Violinist?


    So I tried to watch this twice. I fell asleep both times, it was so bad / boring / stupid / pointless. The stringy hair. The lame costumes. The inane plot. The terrible acting. I figured if it couldn’t keep me awake enough to snark it, then I was sticking it into the one-line review territory.

  2. If you have a look at pictures of Paganini, you’ll see that he wasn’t swarthy like Garrett. They would have been better off casting Richard Armitage (who does bear a resemblance and has a proven ability to pull off historically-accurate bushy sideburns) and engaging Garrett to do close-ups for the actual performance scenes (filmed from behind and focussed on the violin).

    1. The sideburns in the movie aren’t nearly as opulent as the ones Paganini actually sported. Once again, historical accuracy was sacrificed to fit modern tastes.

  3. I haven’t seen the devil’s violinist but I remember the very obnoxious German add campaign. It included Garrett promoting a strange and pretty modern looking jewlery Thomas Sabo jewlery collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjCbNHvvMf8 called rebel at heart. I don’t know if that is true, but to me the entire add campaign for the movie was centered around Garrett’s image. I never got the impression that the movie wanted to tell Paganini’s story. It seemed all centered around Garrett.

  4. Nothing substantive say other than “Primrose Blackstone” is one of the most awesome character names EVER!>>!>

    I feel like she would be the Alpha Female of Slytherin who would coldcock Millicent Bullstrode, poison Pansy Parkinson and make a play for Lucius Malfoy while Narcissa watched impotently.

  5. I laughed so hard at this review. I’m watching this movie right now, literally RIGHT NOW, and had to look up some reviews to see if it’s just me. He’s HAWT as FUUUUUCK, but wow, his acting! As long as he keeps his mouth shut, I can enjoy the eye candy. All in all, this movie is so bad that it’s unintentional comedy, and for that, I intend to watch this movie again, even though the costuming is giving me a brain-ache. It’s definitely so bad it’s funny.

  6. I can forgive Dick Van Dyke since his character was an amalgamation of several others and meant to be just plain silly. This movie, however, is playing it straight. I sentence it to a night in the Forbidden Forest.

  7. Seriously, I don’t get why it has received so much hate. Sure, David Garrett isn’t an actor, but I’ve seen movies with greater fame that had worse acting. The only “bad” thing that really jumped out at me was the very obvious green screen in the harbor scenes, but that isn’t even what people are complaining about. I liked it. They accurately depicted a real composer, and I give them serious props because if you know classical composers like I do, you see all of the little tidbit references to their real life events. Like when Ubani cast the shadow of the devil behind Paganini at the concert? That really happened and classical artists like myself appreciate that. We don’t get a lot of representation in the mainstream.

  8. Hheyy helloo! I tooke your advice and am had some alchols beverage and am watch it now.!! am 12 minute s in and i must says, it is still noticeably bad. i never did any theatre at all but am still sure i could act beter than mister violin dude. yes. Dialogue is SO very stiff and awkwred i am a astounded!

    (also yeah yes I know it is Tuesday night which is not good beverqge time BUT I owrk part-time so my weekends migrate all around, ok? yes)

    (also also I cannot Not see Urbani as Professor Morairti from those Sheflockr Holmes movies, whickh makes it extr a weird.)

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