8 thoughts on “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies (2023)

  1. This show seems to be setting up love triangle shenanigans with Jane/Buddy/ Ritchie, Just ugh! I’m way more team bad girl with pencil skirts and skin tight sweaters. I’m liking the more overt messages of female solidarity, way more than the silly teeny bopper romances! Am I terrible?

  2. I wanted to like it but I read another article that made the point that it should have been a sequel to the films rather than a prequel – because otherwise Rydell somehow goes from being a relatively diverse school to a completely lily white one in the span of five years or less – and I’m inclined to agree. Additionally I know ‘tee hee obvious adults playing teens’ was a trope of the first two but I wish they had actually cast younger actors, instead of going the same route of very obvious twentysomethings playing 16 year olds.

    1. To your point about the age of the cast members, Kat, I totally agree. For all sorts of reasons twentysomethings are cast as teens and we just roll with it. It depends on my mood and the storyline the degree to which I can “roll with it” from film to film. But after working in a high school and being up close with teens, at this point in my life it really strains belief for me to buy someone a decade older as a high school student. I haven’t even seen Pink Ladies yet, but as soon as I saw the female cast members, my mind screamed 25+!!! The guys don’t look so bad by comparison because they all have babyfaces and don’t look anything like men; they look like guys, whereas the female cast looks like women. Anyway, I’m still undecided about whether to watch this one.

  3. Do school gangs and cliques really last for years as kids graduate and move on? I doubt it.

  4. And at least this version has a better message than girls should be sluts and boys slackers. And both should go at it like rabbits In High School!!!!

  5. I’ve always disliked “Grease”! My sister was very into acting as a teen and once auditioned for the show. I enjoyed the auditions but once I saw the actual production I was rather disgusted by the apparent message. Sandy didn’t have to change to be a cool kid!

    Also, everything I’ve seen about Ari Notartomaso indicates a “non-binary” self-identification rather than a “trans” one, so maybe check that?

  6. Forgot to say that even though I probably won’t watch this, I enjoyed your summary and the screencaps! Hazel’s outfit is beautiful – I’ll be saving that image for dress-making ideas!

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